How To: Make a cheap lucid dream mask

Make a cheap lucid dream mask

Did you know you can stimulate yourself to have a lucid dream? Well, it may take a little bit of practice first, but this sleep mask can certainly help you have the most interesting and realistic dreams of your life (yes, kinda like "Inception.") Just check out this video to learn how to make a super cheap lucid dream mask out of two LED lights and a pair of goggles.

FYI: A lucid dream is a dream is essentially a dream that you wake up in. While you're dreaming, you realize that you're dreaming and this self awareness lets you control the events of the dream to a certain extent.

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i didnt notice what was actually happening i was too distracted by the spirally visual effects, cool sounds and creepy voice. I heard something about superman near the end..

XD Are you high, man!?

you should at least tell us where to get this stuff you just listing things off but you dont tell us where we can get it im mean really how do you expect us to make it without knowing how to get the stuff and plus i couldnt understand anything you were saying -_-

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