How To: Light Up Your Whole House with This DIY 'Nuclear Explosion' Chandelier

Light Up Your Whole House with This DIY 'Nuclear Explosion' Chandelier

If you're the kind of person who misses the bright, sunny days of summer during the colder months, Michail has the perfect addition to your home. He built this "Nuclear Explosion" Chandelier that's as bright as daylight, so you can recreate the feeling of summer, no matter what time of year it is.

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It puts out 99,400 lumen (a typical 60W light bulb only produces 800 lm), so it takes quite a bit of electricity to run. Michail used 7 metal-halide lamps, which are much brighter and more energy efficient than regular light bulbs.

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Each lamp is attached to an electrical ballast, which regulates the current to keep them from exploding. The lamps go in R7s sockets, which are attached to a triangle frame, and hung by steel chain and nylon cable ties. Michail added aluminum foil under each lamp to reduce light absorption.

Turns out that just one of these bulbs is bright enough to light up Michail's office, and he says when all seven are lit, it's brighter in his house than outside on a cloudy day. You can check out his blog for more information and photos.

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