How To: Hack a satellite dish into a WiFi signal booster

Hack a satellite dish into a WiFi signal booster

There are many ways to recycle a satellite dish and this is one of them. In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to hack an old satellite dish into a biquad WiFi antenna. For detailed, step-by-step instructions on building your own audio signal booster, take a look!

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what do i do with this?

just sit and see what do u get from that ..........u.........Edythe.


how was the coax connected to your computer?

I have the same question i dont kno wht to do there .....thats all thats stopping me...everything else is done....i mean how do you convert RG-6 into Ethernet im confused

You don't. You use it as a wifi antena.

if u have a wifi router,just take the antenae off the back theres a coax connection on it!

I pretty much thought that myself... the que I have is whether or not you can modify an existing rubber ducky antenna on your router to one with a coaxil cable to use both external mounted antenna and the rubber ducky at the same time. or whether you have to change it to solely operate on the other.

I Have Answers..

You need a WiFi Router or WiFi Networking card for your pc or laptop, BUT, the important part its that it has a connector for a WiFi external antenna. This connector is where the cable from this antenna connects. It will be an SMA style connector and intended for 50ohm coaxial cable. If you are trying to use cable tv cable you will need an F to SMA adapter. If you are using a WiFi router this is where your antenna cable goes and network cable connects to from your pc. If you are using a WiFi card in your pc, this is where your SMA connector will be, which is where your antenna is connected. I have another type of WiFi adapter that I use.

It connects to my pc by usb and offers up to 27db gain. I can easily connect to a WiFi network 1 mile away with just the antenna that comes in the package. It was $38 dollars at Fry's Electronics. With this antenna hack antenna, I should be able to connect to a WiFi network at least 10mi away.

How can I make this device a WiFi repeater of a signal of my choice

OMG Really Works !!!!!

where again do i put this between the modem and house input or ugh i just dont know where it would go

how do you hook th coax cord from th sattlit dish to your computer

I live in the country and built this antenna 2 yrs ago, and haven't paid for internet service since. It's very directional and narrow beam but can pick up routers up to 20 miles away. It kicks a** !

pls help me..... where shud i connect the coax?
to my laptop directly? or to a modem?

@ Handymac10, how are you connecting to your PC? do you connect your antenna to a modem? Router? then to your PC? Very new at this and would appreciate all the help I can get. Thank you.

I have a wi-fi card in my desktop computer and I just put the proper connector on the cable and hook it up to the antenna jack on the card, This type antenna can also be bought online now for around $30 if you search it out known as a bi-quad

That's how I thought it was supposed to be connected!

Please suggest one thing - Can I use it on my wifi receiver to receive signals from my friend house's indoor wifi router. His house is at 1 mile aerial distance and we have pretty good line of sight to each other's house.

Also suggest if you have any other solution for it.

hi im still new to this, will get the thing and diy maybe later to post it.

where will the signal come from? another user or satellite? from another dish?

how far to recive single

Very kool

how do you hook this up to a laptop plz help

hello, i have a bit of a problem. help me out on this,. isnt it that satellite frequency is different from wifi? that means the focal lenght of the feedhorn from the disc would vary depending on the application. right? if i am getting 1800mhz which is standard of satellite broadcast, and my wifi is 2.4ghz, how is it that we used the same lenght by installing the quad to the feedhorn which is designed for satellite?shouldnt we have calculated the concentrating point of the disc to match 2.4ghz? which i think should be nearer than the set arm for the satellite reciever? please help. you can respond thru too

Most types of antennas *do* have dimensions that are highly dependent upon the desired frequencies, but parabolic dishes just focus the incoming radiation to the mathematical focal point of the parabola. (And vice versa for outgoing waves.) I *think* the dish need only be considerably larger that the target wavelengths -- and you'll have no problem meeting that criterion.

I understand this mubo jumbo in your comment, but keep it simple ;-)

That was the simple version Aaron.... couldn't imagine how they could have made that simpler and still conveyed any amount of useful information. Anyone.. who is asking repetitive questions.. needs to start by reading up on the subject you wish to understand, how the hell you going to build a repeater or signal booster or amplification unit... or even a parabolic collection unit to focus signals and not have at least SOME level of understanding of what the signals are and how they are procreated through space, collected, transmitted, etc... That's like building a gun without understanding anything of explosives ..., either its useless, or, deadly... READ A BOOK, E BOOK, MANUAL STOP BEING STUPID HAHAHA -- BTW I ain't knocking on you specifically Aaron, more so anyone you were aiming to "help" with that statement, we should never dumb things down. instead, they should smarten up...

awesome, i have an extra dish in my back yard, lol

hi! can you send me a full infor about the sat wifi?please..i have already a sattelite dish..this is my email add you very much..

How do you hook up the coax cable to system i am having troubles figuring this out please help me. I can be e-mailed at thanks

can I connect a router to the satellite dish wifi antenna?
my email is

im currently building one, I let you guys know if i works or not

can i make one of these to pick up a free wifi spot about two blocks away and then connect it to a dlink router in order for all my devices to get signal?

What type of Pigtail would I need to connect the coax to a RP/SMA connector? Are you using your Dish indoors,or out?

do i have to connect it directly to the computer or it should enter the switch first and how do you connect the coax cable to either of them is end terminated to suit the port

Where do I plug the coax on my notebook?

can you send me full infor about the sat wifi?
my email address is

how would you connect the coax cable to what it needs to get connected to eg another router computer laptop ect

post here please
or email me at (remove the under score :) me no like spam)

i am not try yet

Please..need to know how to hook it up..many has asked and still no help..anyone who knows please help...thanks

you would need a modem with a coax cable port on it. from that modem it would go into your router (receiver) and from the router to your computer. the modem is simply gonna act as a bridge between the dish and the router.

wat signal r we recieving actually?
is it like stealing someone's wifi?
or v get a satellite signal???

I don't think so...

Please..need to know how to hook it up..many has asked and still no help..anyone who knows please help...thanks

you would need a modem with a coax cable port on it. from that modem it would go into your router (receiver) and from the router to your computer. the modem is simply gonna act as a bridge between the dish and the router.

Check out this site hope it helps

i cant really see how you connected it to the router

how to hook the corx from the wifi antenna to your computer

I will try and shed some light on the subject as it seems the author of the video may have abandoned the comment feed,.
As for the comment about the distance of the feedhorn being relative to the frequency alignment,. In theory you are correct, it would be intensley important had he been transmitting in that frequency range, However I believe he built this for reception only therefore his wrong distance will only result in a lower db gain, however if my calculations are correct he was recieveing a 24 db gain, witch is a very good gain and can result in a much needed distance boost. I would however like to see the gain we might obtain if we shorten the distance of the feedhorn relative to the dish itself, with that being said I shall address those of you who continue to ask were to hookup the other end of the coax on the computer...
For those of you using a desktop with an internall pci wifi card, most if not all of these are equiped with an external antenna jack, you should be able to find the right type of coax end that will screw into place on your antenna connector on the back of your computer, most likely at rad shack...
For those of you with laptop computers: If you use the internal wifi that comes with the laptop you are most likely out of luck, as only extremely high end laptops will include an external wifi jack with the built in wifi, However if you use a pcmia slot or usb wifi adapter there are some higher end wifi cards available that have an external antenna connector that uses the same connection end as those on the desktop computers therefore that is were you would connect the other end of the coax...
I will be building one of these antenna's and experimenting with the feedhorn distance, I will be sure to let everyone know how it turns out.. as for now I am receiving my wifi signal from about 3 miles away with a simple windfield type high gain antenna built using a 2 meter amateur antenna that is intended for the mhz range, witch is no we

Wow Finally someone that wants to help!

how the coax connect to my computer

wanted to know if this actually works both ways? can i setup a dish and connect as the reciever for my laptop and also create a second dish to work and help broadcast my router signal? so that i can maybe get more distance?

The design is a good one that combines the parabolic reflector from the satellite dish with the biquad style of sardine can fame. The important thing to remember in all of these is to get the measurements right. The 2.4GHz frequency bands require you to use fractions and multiples of the 125mm wavelength. This means 31.25mm (1/4 wavelength) pops up in the measurements often. Distance from dipole to dish also a multiple of 125mm for full wavelength. It could be argued that the height of the biquad dipole should be 1/4 wavelength above the brass sheet.

In Melbourne Australia, we have a 65km link between Mt Dandenong and the Western suburbs based on a Galaxy antenna (similar to the sat dish here) rigged up to a pineapple juice can (Golden Circle). The dipole is drilled 31mm from the base of the can (drill into the A in 'FAT CONTENT' on the label) for the exact drill point. 24dBi gain on the antenna makes it a beautiful focus on the beam. Keep the cables thick, and straight and short as possible. The signal drops off very quickly in this frequency over bent cables, thin cables, connectors, even ridges on the inside of the can. Minimise all of these and use netstumbler to experiment on the best dimensions.

Good luck and happy surfing.

still wondering about whether to attempt the project or not. could be a moot point as i only have dial-up right now and can't get the video to work. but i do have a wifi hotspot about 3/4 mile away.

ok. when finished .. I have it where I connect ?????

in what distances should be the router from the wifi to connect properly? Can it find a network from a long distance???? I will be very happy to see a reply...(If made some mistakes in english, i'm sorry ...I'm from greece and dont speak very well this language.....

i believe from what i read from other sites get a router unscrew one of the antennas and screw your cable from your antenna to it

You have to buy an sma coax cable that connects to the back of the router/WAP/Range Extender where the screw on antenna used to be. SMA coax cable is just like a normal coax cable but smaller. You might want to buy two SMA coax cables because many routers and WAP/Range extenders come with two antenna's now a days. If you solder both SMA cables you can get a stronger signal.

Also, you want to make sure your router, wireless access point and/or range extender has a "repeater mode". In other words, it picks up the signal and then it repeats it back to you inside your house. Receives and transmits.

Remember, all you're doing is replacing a little itty bitty antenna to a super giant godlike monstrosity antenna.

Also, what the video doesn't state is the thickness of the copper wire. You want 1.5mm in diameter. If the wire is any thicker, it won't vibrate as much and the signal will be weak. As for the notch, you want it to be 2mm cut from the top.

There's also the possibility that your router/wap/range extender uses N Connector instead of a SMA connector. Take your router/wap/range extender to a networking professional and have them tell you what kind of connector you need before you waste your money on a cable that's incompatible.

Well done .

connect it ti your navel (belly button)

hey plz mail me the things needed to make this wifi booster

just put a reverse SMA connector in the coax and connect it directly to the antenna connection on your desktop wi-fi card, if your using a laptop get a wi-fi card that has an anntena connection

I have a dlink dwa 525 wifi pci card... How to connect to it ????

Look up Alpha/alfa not sure how its spelled and build dish then connect the coax cable to the threaded cables on the wifi recvr. this is a long range usb wifi adapter so it will also increase your range.

Have already built antenna, do i need modem to my router or get a better router with antenna and plug in their also can I use more then one computer can I use my wireless wifi lap top after hooking up to the main computer any additional info would be much appreciated thanks

Here's my question/issue with the design... the middle coax wire is soldered to the bent copper wire is soldered to the copper pipe, which in turn is soldered to the reflector.. making the reflector part of the antenna.... but the bigger issue is the grounding outside shield of the coax is then ALSO soldered to the copper tube, in affect shorting the signal carrying internal coax conductor to the exterior coax shield. This has to be hell on the wifi radio (SWR, etc)

It would be much better in my mind to use a piece of PVC instead of the copper tubing, epoxy the bent wire to the PVC, epoxy the PVC to the reflector, and solder the coax's external shield to the reflector there by eliminating the grounding between the two coax lines (otherwise the ohm rating of the coax is nil.. which would be bad for any amp's output stage)

Is it possible to set up a satellite with a router to send my WiFi signal in any direction I want? I want to access the fast internet that i already pay for in my local area without having to pay for additional hotspots. someone please assist me with this.

Dish network left a dish on my roof too XD But, It's really high...


hello sir,
i want to get internet connection using a dish antenna .i saw posts in which some one said that he didnt paid for it. but i need to get the wifi signal provided by my college into my room near by using such an antenna.
Or how can i get free internet.i dont know the thickness and dimensions of the materials which i need to use in making such an can i even connect the coax cable to my laptop to connect to i need any extra software to run it...Can any one please provide me with detailed instructions to make one. Please. I am quiet interested inn. help me out..

ok man thank you im no antena busy slight our hacker receiver

how do i get to make an anetena to replace the one behind my pci card, it was stolen, and im having problems since.

This it so cool but I think it just too complicated and way too big. I recommend to buy "Alfa AWUS036H 1000mW 1W 802.11b/g USB Wireless WiFi network Adapter with 9dBi" for like 30€ and with this pappy you can reach U.S.

I'm not able to watch this video :\

Ok I'm trying to hook my belkin no N600 Db to my belkinN750 Usb have it in a dish with female end going to my router via sub port. From there do I go Ethernet to my modem? Also I don't have service, and I'm you tubing from an iPad air2 do I got to do anything special in settings Wan LAN DNS VPN is foreign language to me but I've came this far I've got like 100 bucks in it please need help,techies. thx

I hate stupid and/or lazy people. Do a little research before asking stupid questions folks. And yes, this does work very well as long as you take your time, have all the measurements correct, and follow the directions. You will need to make SMALL adjustments to the dish to focus it in on the router you're trying to "borrow" the wifi from since this has a narrow focus, and if there are objects in between your dish and the router such as trees, buildings, etc..... you will have varying degrees of success.

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