How to Extract a spy quality camera & mini-DVR from a Barbie Video Girl fashion doll

Barbie has joined the espionage community, in the form of Barbie Video Girl, and it's time for you to interrogate her to extract those military-grade secrets she has stored in her spy equipment. That's right, Barbie is now equipped with a fully functional digital camera and mini-DVR (digital video recorder), with 256MB of internal memory, which equals roughly 30 minutes or video recording time.

But what if you're not into Barbie dolls and fashion toys? Then Kipkay has the solution… the hack… to extract that miniature camera and mini-DVR for your own spy-worthy purposes. Watch and learn as he shows you the entire Barbie Video Girl disassembly and extract that cool spy gadget.


How to make a portable spy scope cellphone camera?

how to use stripped cell phone camera into a wireless camera device?

My daughter drives my car all week away to college someone told me she is drinking and driving. I want to install a hidden cam inside her car vents (she knows I love spy cams) that will record video and audio all week ,,,, any suggestions

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