How To: DIY a portable handheld Nintendo 64

DIY a portable handheld Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64. It's the classic video game console and probably houses a bunch of your fond childhood memories. Well, now you can relive those tender moments AND play Super Mario Brothers on the go by hacking your Nintendo 64 just a wee bit.

Check out this video to learn how to make a portable handheld Nintendo 64. This gaming system has speakers and battery power for optimum play.

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is there anyway you could hack it so that you could use rom files instead of a cartridge?

Loaf and his Fleas like dis...would have been fun in Prison.

woah not like u can get an emulator off the net and a xbox360 controller nd do the same thing

i like Nintendo 64

could you do this for a handheld, just make it have a bigger screen , like with a gameboy color??

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