How To: Crazy Dad Enters Guinness World Records with Fastest Baby Stroller Ever (50+ MPH!)

Crazy Dad Enters Guinness World Records with Fastest Baby Stroller Ever (50+ MPH!)

Babies are pretty cool. They do whatever they want, have beautiful women drool all over them, and have more one-on-one boob action than any grown man (or woman) I know.

Plus, they get taken around in their own personal rolling thrones. I would invest some serious dough if someone could come up with adult-sized stroller. Is anyone is looking for an investor?

One dad took the simple workings of a baby stroller and made it about as awesome as possible. He made the world's fastest baby stroller.

Colin Furze from Stamford, England decided that having a baby should be a little bit more fun than it usually is. He figured, if he was going to use a pram (aka a baby stroller), why not make it the fastest pram on earth?

He attached a 125cc motorcycle engine to the stroller and a platform to stand on. Two motorbike levers under the stroller's handlebars are used to control the brake and accelerator.

The bike cannot really make turns all that well; the front wheel is the only one that can turn slightly when Furze moves the handlebars. He then made the baby carriage out of quarter inch steel to help weigh it down so he doesn't fly into the air at high speeds.

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And if you were wondering if he actually puts his baby in there—he does. But, he goes the absolute minimum speed because he's not that crazy. When he has the need to scare baby-loving bystanders, he throws a baby doll in there instead.

He is set to be officially recognized by the Guinness World Records book as the maker of the world's fastest baby stroller.

I guess that's one way to go about fatherhood. But, I see this as the greatest prank ever. Place that baby doll in there, hit the max speed, and see how many times the cops are called on you.

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Images by Dom Romney, Colin Furze

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