How To: Build a long-lasting hydrogen generator

Build a long-lasting hydrogen generator

This how-to video offers step by step instructions for how to build a stainless steel hydrogen generator for $15 dollars. You will need six stainless steel outlet covers with weather seal, 4 screws and nuts, 12 nylon washers and silicone. Learn how to make this hydrogen generator by watching this instructional video.

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next time maybe you can show how you can trap or catch the hydrogen to use for a later project or some know

What about super large system for real power, instead of Gas?

can this be used in conjunction with a gas engine

Hey sabidss,

You can use definitely use it in conjunction with a gas engine..

I just built my hydrogen generator kit using "BHC Guide"... I couldn't believe it but it reduced my car's emissions by 80% and incresed mileage from 18 to 31 ..!!! Damn it!!

Here is the site i used, may be u wanna take a look into...


I found this company selling very nice Hydrogen Generator Systems, take a look

i attempted to build one using these methods anf for some reason its not working. cn anyone give me some advise on how to make it work???

I built a hyrogen generator but I combined the hydrogen with oxygen being an agent of combustion. It really works and has many uses. Warning!!!! never store in large containers coz a drum of hydrogen gas with oxygen can wipe out a building or even a shopping mall.

would be nice if it would play the video

Video didnt work

i like it..what about making it in just 6 to 12 ampere source,would it be possible?

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