How To: Build a CNC machine using two old CD drives

Build a CNC machine using two old CD drives

Take a look at this instructional vidkeo and learn how to make your own computer numerical control (CNC) machine out of two old CD drives. CNC machines serve as controllers for a number of devices such as machine tools by reading G Code instructions. With a own CNC machine, you can create your own 3D printer.

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lol the music is funny, from a christian movie "the touch of the master hand"


this is a little hard to follow - some schematics and maybe a checklist would be really great - would it be possible to include that?


i think the music is from SCHUBERT entitled SERENADE

what software are you using?

what drivers?

FAKE!!! This will never work. You need stepper motors or some positioning sensors for the dc motors. The cdrom has a stepper motor inside but he chose to use the regular low precision dc motors from the tray. Than a computer output works on really low current. You need a driver board to step this up. You could have done something with the stepper reading motors and a commercial available driver board. But this video is just fake. That thing was not conected to a computer. It was just powered by hand on each of the axis.

ditto @Octavian Stanculescu
you could use a printer port and a uln2008 chip or some mofsets but there would be no feed back and errors could occur also you would need to use the steppers motors not the dc bruch motors-- this is fake but feasible to do with the same junk cd players -and alot more would have to go into the design of the axis because of having to use stepper motors

you are wrong "Octavian Stanculescu" this dude here did a good job. it was not fake, i think this video gives anyone else clues to build a cnc. obviously does motors were controlled directly from a battery by hand. but believe me this coupled with a micro-controller, quadrature encoder (from an optical mouse ) for feedback and a well written .net program for serial communication ,would be a remarkable project and almost without errors

veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice and pretty work. i appreciate it.

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