How To: Build a Cheap USB Spy Telescope to Take Covert Digital Photos from Far Away

Build a Cheap USB Spy Telescope to Take Covert Digital Photos from Far Away

The first thing anybody really thinks about after watching Rear Window is how much they want their own telephoto lens. These days, they aren't cheap, so how do you go about spying on your neighbors without putting down so much dough?

You can simply build one yourself for around $40 by using an old telephoto lens, USB webcam, and some standard PVC plumbing materials. And of course, you'll need a tripod for steady images. This DIY telescope provides huge magnification at a fraction of the cost compared to store-bought ones.

You can see craters on the moon, read license plates far away, or spy on the neighbors if that's what you dig, and save the digital photos to your computer's hard drive for safekeeping.

If you need further help, written instructions are provided here.

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yes i can finally see that chick next door her shower was all ways blurry now i can see clearly muahahahahha lol jk

just in time for tomorrow's solstice moon

I can almost see the flag on the moon!


awsome voice man,

wow man cool :D i'll try it hahaha

I'd rather supsect it to be finnish, really.

All you want is to spy on your 60 years old neighbour while taking a sensual bath

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I'm pretty sure he's irish.

no i think he is dutch of niet dan??xD
verder erg gaaf, ga mischien eens proberen.
although very cool, should try this some time

Great Vid.

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pretty cool, did you came up with the ID yourself?
btw. ben je nederlands?

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Kijk naar de nummerplaat, hij is Nederlands. Dat hoor je trouwens ook wel ;).

"or watch other interesting things"..LOL

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This works way better if you use binoculars. :=)

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cool stuff man

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Has anyone tried this out? I put it all together, but the majority of what I see is the inside of the barrel of the lens, though I do get a small-ish circle in the middle with a nice, clear, magnified picture.

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