How To: Build a beer safe using RFID technology

Build a beer safe using RFID technology

Dave and Pat break down the basics of RFID technology and show you how to put it to use by building an RFID beer safe!

RFID, or Radio Frequency ID, is everywhere: key cards in office buildings, electronic tollbooths and even passports. But how do you take that technology and use it for something a little more personal?

Today on Systm we will be looking at how RFID technology works and demonstrate one possible use for around the home by building our very own RFID-enabled beer safe. It's just the thing to keep your brew safe from thirsty and inconsiderate roommates, friends or even in-laws!

Of course you can't walk into any Radio Shack or electronics store and buy RFID gear off the shelf. You'll probably have to get most of the gear online and two of the best places to do that are APSX and Trossen Robotics. Both offer Parallax's BASIC Stamp programming board that David uses in this episode. The kits will run around $100 but provide pretty much everything you need to get started. You'll also find RFID readers, servos, and tags you'll need to complete this project. Jameco is also an excellent source. If you're not sure how to program the board, don't worry - the manuals that ship with the kit are pretty straight forward. Plus Trossen Robotics provides excellent support if you have any issues with the gear.

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