How To: | 3 DIY Electronic Geek Chic Pieces for Him

| 3 DIY Electronic Geek Chic Pieces for Him

Stand out from the high street fashion clones with stuff you've fashioned yourself. It's easy to take old pieces of electronic junk and transform them into all sorts of fun 'n' funky geeky accessories. Like a totally useful tote bag, a what-on-earth-is-that wallet and a bedazzling belt. It's terribly geeky but chicy too. Here's how…

1) Floppy disc tote bag

Make waves on the beach with this sturdy yet stylish tote bag. Great for carrying all your gear: iPod, Kindle, sarnies and more.

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Based on a design by imanalchemist at

Tools and materials needed

Eighteen 5.25" floppy disks
Two pieces of 15.75" x 16.25" (400mm x 413mm) canvas
PVC tape
Two 1.5 foot lengths (457mm) of cotton or nylon webbing (off an old rucksack)
8 nuts and 8 bolts
Drill, Bore, awl, knife or other hole punching device
Sewing machine

1) Arrange the disks in a three-by-three square with the plastics seams of the disks facing upwards.

2) Tape the disks together.

3) Carefully flip the square of disks over and line it up with one of your rectangles of fabric. Leave a half inch of excess fabric on the side that you plan to be the top of the bag.

4) Set the sewing machine to a wide stitch that will cover the seams between the disks and sow the floppy disks to the fabric. Then fold over the excess half inch of fabric to make a hem.

5) Now that you have completed one half of the tote body, create the other half.

6) After both sides are done, line them up and sew them together along the three unhemmed edges. Remember to use the backstitch on areas of high stress such as the opening and on the corners.

7) Taking two straps from old backpacks, mark the positions where the handles need to be fixed or keep them temporarily in place with pins or tape.

8) Before you drill the holes for the handles, start by cutting a small 'X' in the webbing where the holes need to go with a craft knife. Then simply attach the straps with the nuts and bolts. Do this for all four strap ends. And that's it…your tote's good to go.

2) Keyboard Wallet

Be flash with the cash without spending a pretty penny. Why bin that knackered old keyboard, when you can transform it into an über cool wallet instead.

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Tools and materials needed

Desktop computer keyboard (for the circuit sheet)
A ruler or tape measure
Cutting board or cutting mat
Razor knife
Roll of clear packing tape

3) Geeksta Processor Belt Buckle

Pimp up a dull faceless looking belt with a salvaged retro PC part that screams geek chic.

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Tools and materials needed

Belt buckle with a flat face (ones with a clasp or tightening pin)
Processor (P5 type or K6 series)
Acid flux paste
Solder (60/40) or failing that 50/50

1) You don't want the CPU to stick out from your buckle. So with the CPU logo facing flat on the table, firstly flatten out the pins with a blunt object in the direction of the centre of the buckle.

2) Next, spread a good layer of acid flux over anything metallic that's going to be soldered ie, the bent pins and the entire surface of the buckle. Once done, clamp the processor and buckle together in the desired position, ensuring that it centred correctly.

3) Heat up your soldering iron, and solder up the buckle. Bear in mind that the solder has to be as flat as possible to eliminate interference with the slider on the buckle. Our goal here is to make a tight coverage on all sides.

4) Let the buckle cool down before attaching the belt strap. Then wear with geek pride.

We hope that you will have a go at creating these for yourself. Also, be free to experiment with ideas of your own using other electronic components. When you get started you'll never look at an LED or Vishay connector the same way again…

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