News: Turn your monitor into a hi-voltage Kitty fence

Turn your monitor into a hi-voltage Kitty fence

The unrestrained joy of How-To cleverness.

This subversive video shows you how to transform that old CRT monitor into a 30,000 volt fence.

I apologize. This screen grab gives away the understated punchline to this otherwise sober minded tutorial. Notwithstanding, this little piece of instructional film making is one outstanding example of accomplished storytelling.

Wonderhowto. The shocking longtail of curiosity.

Wire an electric kitty fence

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I like it, if you do this wrong you might actually electrocute yourself to death, FUN!

get more chicken wire and rig a whole room

it would end up really low voltage like that

it better have been off when the cat was in it

Kind of a fun little hack... except for the extreme danger involved... And, i'm not sure how often i'd use it to safeguard my stuff... Because doesn't it have to be outside?

the chick in the first 20 secs has a rockin body

this is so f****ng stupid , with a single kick i can take whatever is inside the "fence"

HAHA this is #$%@ing hilarious im so gonna do this!!!!

Me: Wheres Brian?
Random stranger: Who?
Brians Friend: He had a little accdent with a computer screen, I dont like 2 talk about it

will it electrocute you if you unplug it from the wall and then assemble it? By that i mean unplug it then start taking it apart and and setting it up and then when yout ready to turn it on plug it back in and turn it on? becaue it seems just a little bit stupid to hack something with 30,000 volts constantly running through the area where your trying to work.

It still isn't safe after you turn it off!!. The monitor tube acts as a capacitor and it can store an electrical charge for months. All you have to do is discharge it like the guy did in the video and it will be safe to work on. It won't harm the monitor and more importantly, it won't harm you!

or instead of leaving a kitty in there, i should make it bigger and shove the stupid jerk that had the idea in there! Yeah!!! That would be insanelly cool to watch u electrocute yourself!!!!!!

clever but a bit dangerous

Loaf and his Fleas DON"T APPROVE!!!

That is Animal Crualty, mean person, what if the cat touched it?!?!?!?

A CRT monitor can store in excess of 20,000 Volts. This is not something to start or more than likely end your electronics career with.

this is the best idea ever, i want it!!

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