News: Thwart the Bluetooth hack

Thwart the Bluetooth hack

This week, California, like a growing portion of America is now 'handsfree'. As of July 1st, mobile phone use in cars became prohibited without the use of a headset.

If you happen to choose a wireless Bluetooth over a wired option...beware. It is not a secure technology. At all.

Bluetooth transmits a radius of up to 35 feet. So, if you elect to use your bluetooth while walking around, know that a moderately talented hacker can easily eavesdrop.

Broadcasting from outside a bluetooth-packed Starbucks, Josh Wright gives us an excellent rundown on your vulnerability. Josh specializes in cyber security for the SANS Institute.

The Bluetooth hack may seem as harmless and comical as an episode of The Office (Jim pairs his phone with Dwight's, rerouting calls and driving Dwight through the roof). But don't be so naive.

Eavesdrop on a Bluetooth headset

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That gets darn technical, which I understood how to program more so I could try this. Anybody know a simple application that does this?

Oh no! Not a handful of codes a half a line long!

Why would you think forcing entry into a remote device wouldn't be "technical".

i'm sure somebody could make an app pretty easily if this is all just run from a bluetooth device, a nokia N series and some linux distro.

The drug deal behind his shoulder at 46 secs ftw!

anyone know the name of this linux work station?

hi their, i have a q, does any 1 know how to play the psp on the ps3

blue tooth technology is latest and being used in day to day life

did he say you could talk into it too? that would be GREAT for pranks. people would think they were goin crazy!

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