News: Splish Splash, My Computer's Taking a Bath

Splish Splash, My Computer's Taking a Bath

Goodbye, point-and-click; hello, point-and-splash! This water-based touch screen by Japanese designer Taichi Inoue is more than just clever and ergonomic, it's downright summery.

Splish Splash, My Computer's Taking a Bath

In his artist statement, Inoue writes, "It is difficult to say that the interface of mechanical materials like a keyboard, a mouse and so on is very suitable for man. So I made the Minamo interface. 'Minamo' means 'Surface of water' in Japanese. Water is the most intimate material for human body. And I decided to make a touch screen interface on water surface."

Splish Splash, My Computer's Taking a Bath

The device—a transparent, water-filled fish tank placed on top of an upturned LCD screen—uses a webcam and Max/MSP+Jitter to keep track of user movement.

See it in action below.

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Reduce the tank to a shallow pool and you have a great idea.

What would be the purpose of dousing your computer in water? I cannot see the benefit of doing this; just to say water and electricity does mix? A waste of good time if you asked me...

The headline's misleading: no electronic parts are actually submerged (though the LCD screen is arguably "underwater" to the extent that it's, like, set under a tank of water).

Although they do rigs where they cool computers by submerging them in a mineral oil. <--- this one is good.

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