News: Seeing 3D with the Aid of Epileptic Eye Movement

Seeing 3D with the Aid of Epileptic Eye Movement

Do 3D glasses give you a headache? This might hurt more. As in, I think I'm going to hurl just watching. Below, Francois Vogel demonstrates his rapid eye blinking method for 3D viewing. if the electrodes on his temples could stimulate his eyelids to open and close in alternating synchronization with the refresh rate of the monitor!

View more vomit-inducing 3D viewing, sans the glasses.

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Ugh, I feel like id be left with a very nervous twitch after extended periods of time.

Got to be a fake!

Have you ever tried those 3D televisions? NOT the cinemas... but the TV's ... This work the same way as the glasses you get with the tv!

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