News: Remotely shut down a computer with a cell phone

Remotely shut down a computer with a cell phone

There is something reassuring about the calm competence of Tinkernut.

This video will show you how to shut down your computer from anywhere, using a texting capable cell phone, Microsoft Outlook and a free account from

Remotely shut down a Windows PC with a cell phone

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Fantastic video. As long as it doesnt hurt my computer.

it will lol didnt you hear him when you finish it it will shut down your computer

hello mr help me to create remote shut down computer

Dear Viewers, A am a huge fan of TinkerNut so it was nice to watch another video made by them. I love this video very much, however nothing is perfect. I'm not entirely sure why you would need to do this besides it being entertaining, but I can see some vague reasons why and you need certain applications for this tutorial such as a specific type of e-mail engine. Overall, quite a good video.
Alex1inferno- The Critic

Well, if you were doing a looong download of say, a torrent file then you might not want to sit around waiting for it to finish in nine hours time. Being able to shut down the computer like this from a long distance away would be good I think?

lol ... torrent file.... Thanks for the good laugh... Because the average person is downloading torrent files oh so much.... but there is a much easier way to set a date and time in a .bat file.... even can send it to a friend to help them out, or melt them, depends their preferences. lol...

I agree with Alex1
excellent vid
well done
make more tinkernut!@

fantastic job! nice and i love it.

That's terrific.

Cool but how do you do this on Windows Mail V6 on vista???


what about outlook express you cant make it start with an app

he just wants us to sign up for his email

awesome!i like this video!


That was totally AWSOME!!!! So doing that works even away from home??

kwiry is closed due to financial problems, No new signups. So what now any substitute instead of kwiry?

i am from INDIA. n i cant access kwiriy site can i know any other web site similar to kwiry site.

I am on Windows vista and the settings are not the same. So i cant find any way to set up the Pop3 account.

Well i have Vista witch is different and Kwiry was shut down, but still cool video

it is a long proces!!!!

i can not even play the video .. i will comment later on this topic

This can be done without kwiry. Just create a contact in your phone for your outlook email address. When you set up the rule, have it check the body of the email for shutdown and then start the application. This one here would be nice as a little prank, but you would need access to Outlook on the victims computer. Also, you can have your .bat file do things you want it to do, like shutting down and app instead of shutting down the whole computer, or doing a shutodwn and restart shutdown -r instead of -s.

Funny, I just said the same... .bat can set to a date and time... it can just shut down keyboard, mouse, fan, entire pc (is prefered option by pc owner) ... in bordum years ago I made a . bat that would sit on your computer for a month or so, then shut each item down over a period of time... I deleted it, I just wanted to write it because I wanted to see I could. But I am the official fixer of people that get mixed up in messes, so I can't be mean, but it doesn't mean a person shouldn't know how to make something, to unmake something... ha!

i am from india. i like it.

i am frm india too ..I like it ,.,,,but i can't do as kwiry is broke...lolz

This is great but I can't open kwiry website in INDIA

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