News: Remote Control Your Lawn Mower

Remote Control Your Lawn Mower

Time to make those lazy Sunday afternoons even lazier. Instructables member johndavid400 has posted a full HowTo on modding your lawn mower to operate via remote control.

" ...How to make your Arduino into an R/C interface that you can use for just about anything requiring remote control. I will also show you how I built an R/C lawnmower using my Arduino, a cheap R/C transmitter and receiver pair, and a couple of electric-wheelchair motors from Ebay.  I have used this interface to control anything from basic LED's to Bipolar stepper motors, mini-robots, lifeless R/C cars from the thrift store, and even a 100lb lawnmower (all with appropriate motor controllers). It is very flexible and easy to change and very simple to set up."

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Beats pushing the damn thing around any day.

cannot imagine it is easy to navigate an acre of grass

remote control lawn mowers are elderly friendly and the bigger track driven ones are ideal for hills too steep to walk on. Google around and learn all about this new industry for purchasing them to building your own for use around the house. Lynex over in Denmark has a 5 ton monster remote control lawn mower that mows grass while cutting down trees. A must see. Summit Lawn Mower Co here in the states has an impressive line up also. Nice post - hats off I enjoyed seeing this. :)

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