News: Recycle an old satellite dish into a WiFi booster

Recycle an old satellite dish into a WiFi booster

Struggling to keep up your wireless signal? If you're struggling to stream Hulu from the backyard DocZee's got an idea.

Pull that old DirecTV satellite dish off the roof. Mod it into a 2.4GHz 802.11 WiFi booster antenna. Oh make that an antenna, that swivels!

This hack is a bit technical. You are modifying the standard antenna that sends out an omnidirectional signal, the satellite will send stronger, longer directional signals. The dish modifications involve a bit of solder and splicing, but don't let that turn you off. It will all be worth it.

Hack a satellite dish into a WiFi signal booster

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what do i do with this?


how was the coax connected to your computer?

OMG Really Works !!!!!

where again do i put this between the modem and house input or ugh i just dont know where it would go

how do you hook th coax cord from th sattlit dish to your computer

I live in the country and built this antenna 2 yrs ago, and haven't paid for internet service since. It's very directional and narrow beam but can pick up routers up to 20 miles away. It kicks a** !

hi im still new to this, will get the thing and diy maybe later to post it.

where will the signal come from? another user or satellite? from another dish?

how far to recive single

Very kool

how do you hook this up to a laptop plz help

Hi can you all plese send me all info about satwifi itis a choice for me

my email

hello, i have a bit of a problem. help me out on this,. isnt it that satellite frequency is different from wifi? that means the focal lenght of the feedhorn from the disc would vary depending on the application. right? if i am getting 1800mhz which is standard of satellite broadcast, and my wifi is 2.4ghz, how is it that we used the same lenght by installing the quad to the feedhorn which is designed for satellite?shouldnt we have calculated the concentrating point of the disc to match 2.4ghz? which i think should be nearer than the set arm for the satellite reciever? please help. you can respond thru too

depends on whats being connected to the device and no it doesn't need to be closer because the bi-quad works on a simple standard,, moving it to closely would only diminish its effectiveness. As for the signal that also doesn't matter because the signal can be whatever you want it to be, technically, granted the higher up you go the less distance achieved. In this case you are limited by what your WiFi device is using. 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz the bi-quad simply allows signals both to and from the dish to be collected and focused towards a specific end point. the dish is designed to direct the signal to the bi-quad, Ideally you would want your bi-quad to directly replace the original manufactured one, but a few inches would only make it slightly off spec.

awesome, i have an extra dish in my back yard, lol

hi! can you send me a full infor about the sat wifi?please..i have already a sattelite dish..this is my email add you very much..

How do you hook up the coax cable to system i am having troubles figuring this out please help me. I can be e-mailed at thanks

can I connect a router to the satellite dish wifi antenna?
my email is

im currently building one, I let you guys know if i works or not

can i make one of these to pick up a free wifi spot about two blocks away and then connect it to a dlink router in order for all my devices to get signal?

What type of Pigtail would I need to connect the coax to a RP/SMA connector? Are you using your Dish indoors,or out?

do i have to connect it directly to the computer or it should enter the switch first and how do you connect the coax cable to either of them is end terminated to suit the port

Where do I plug the coax on my notebook?

can you send me full infor about the sat wifi?
my email address is

how would you connect the coax cable to what it needs to get connected to eg another router computer laptop ect

post here please
or email me at (remove the under score :) me no like spam)

i am not try yet

hi to all
if i will make like this booster antena then i will catch wifi signal through mobile
plz help me

for mobile devices you might want to look into something more compact,, like usb extender cable and parabolic metal cook-wear,, like a bowl with a usb adapter.

u spelled viewing wrong on ur credits

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