News: Make your face paparazzi-invisible with infrared

Make your face paparazzi-invisible with infrared

Need to be undercover? Well, make yourself impossible to photograph.

Get some infrared LEDs. They're undetectable to the human eye, but that's not the case with cameras. Wire them to the brim of your hat and you've got instant invisibility to any camera -- paparazzi, Big Brother or otherwise.

This works great on the brim for a snapshot-phobic face, like in this video by hack pro Minmak. If you're not a hat guy, try embedding the LEDs in sunglasses. Maybe a sweatband.

For informational purposes only (illegal): This same technology has been used to block license plate numbers from traffic cameras.

Make an infrared mask to hide your face from cameras

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Yeah like im going to wear a hat with a bunch of LEDs sticking out of it.

You can put the LEDs in the letter designs on a hat, so that it looks like it's supposed to be that way. You could even get a light-up LED hat and just replace the existing LEDs with IR equivalents.

This will only work on cameras set to night vision, And even then it only is true "effective" when it's pointed right at the camera. On any digital camera, video or otherwise, this won't work. The reason is that digital cameras (most of them) have IR filters since the receptors are extremely sensitive to IR. IR filter means little to no IR light gets through, making this project moot.

that is quite possibly the most stupid-ass idea I have ever seen. What an idiot.

Actually it works on any camera, I have a few IR LEDs and have tried this out on digital cameras before and they show up, if you have enough of them they will produce an intense beam of light to cover a face, go learn how electronics work before leaving your smart ass comments on here, you know nothing!

i don't think it will work.

Yeah, it works on low grade security cameras,web cameras,digital cameras and really well on cell phone cameras. Point your television remote at your cellular phone while in camera mode and press any button on the remote - it's how i tell if the remotes not programmed or if the batteries are dead when i'm setting up someones home entertainment system.

Works on my Digital Video camera, although it doesn't blind as much with the night vision off

A lot of digital cameras have IR filters, so you would get seen anyway.

I had seen this debunked on youtube with multiple cameras and it didn't work.

i worked that one out 20 years ago, ir leds in police hats,helmets,cars,hill walkers,skiers,fishers,stolen cars,just about any thing that would help the police an rescue chopper cams do there job well, it would use the same type of tv remote codes to id the user, a cam with text decoder would id the

Wait, what? How does that have any relevance here? IR LEDs are not magically coded so that they can be identified. Yes, one can use them to send coded signals, but that requires circuitry in the background to generate those signals.

Hey, can someone tell me if dis LED look maka me a blood or a crip? Da' be a glowin red man...

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