News: Make a lemon battery

Make a lemon battery

The lemon battery has a rich history in many elementary science classes as a great example of an electrochemical reaction.

This is not magic, or a hoax.

The nail and penny create charged poles in the fruit.

Unfortunately, filling a car with a bushel of lemons and driving cross country in an eco-friendly glow of citrus is a pipe dream.

The lemon battery is not strong enough to power a light bulb.

Nonetheless, enjoy the miracle of nature coupled with the ingenuity of man.

Make a lemon battery

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Great Video but i dont understand what type of wires we have to use?
sorry I'm new to it :P


OK chính xác

Công nh?n cái này hay a` nha =.=''

great stuf make u think twise about evry thing u might think its unusfule by the my name is shady iam from egypt and iam new

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..nice stuff

wonder if you could inject some salt water in lemon to increase conductivity.

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