News: Make an Eggstractor to peel boiled eggs

Make an Eggstractor to peel boiled eggs

Rube Goldberg meets Cool Hand Luke.

Arguably pointless. Arguably quite satisfying.

It takes a whole lot more time to build this DIY contraption, than to peel a damn egg. But should you decide to construct this, you can (technically) peel 50 eggs in a minute.

At WonderHowTo, we have previously indexed the culinary principle of blowing an egg through the egg shell. But never this contraption.

In case you is the journey, not the destination.

Make an Eggstractor to peel boiled eggs

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Wow... what a crazy invention to peel an egg!

I know what I want for Christmas!!

lets see which one of us can get the patents faster...jkjk

Its faster the old fashion way, I mean I don`t have to build one of those, but good invention anyway.

Um, I guess that's pretty cool. o.O I think if I were stoned, that would be awesome. XD

Awesome and somewhat simple...too bad I don't like hard boiled eggs or else this would be well worth it...

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