News: Levitating Alarm Clock Literally Lifts You Out of Bed

Levitating Alarm Clock Literally Lifts You Out of Bed

Via Jeff's Arduino Blog, the Princess and the Pea Alarm Clock:

"No ordinary alarm clock: the Princess and the Pea Alarm Clock ('PPAC') leaves no room for snoozing, inflating a green 'pea' between the mattress and box spring, making it impossible to stay in bed. In the tin can, a homemade Arduino-compatible board with clock and memory chips handles the alarm clock functions, and a power block under the night stand provides power and relays driving the sprinkler valve or other alarming alarm functions."

Inspired? Get started with some Arduino tutorials.

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you just have to hope the fan isnt on....

I could totally use one of these. Not sure how wifey would react tho...

I'd probably continue to sleep on the lopsided bed. xD lol.

You could probably use things other than compressed air. Maybe a system of weights and pulleys, or electromagnets.

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