News: Ignite Prey and Light Cigarettes With a Laser Burner

Ignite Prey and Light Cigarettes With a Laser Burner

Looking for an (explosively) fun Thanksgiving project this week? Something that involves fire and lasers? Check it out. YouTube creator StyroPyro lights ten matches in 9 seconds with a modded laser. One word: Awesome.

Luckily both StyroPyro and Kipkay provide HowTo's. First, How to building a burning blue/violet laser. Below, Kipkay demonstrates how to build one with a cheap Bic lighter casing (as well as store bought parts). Have fun.

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who can help me please ?

your better off finding someone who knows exactly what there doing for those of you who want to make one because it takes ALOT OF KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS in order to make one all that we know he probably #$%@ed up so many times before he actually added it on video because u need to know exactly how many watts your putting into the module and alot of modifications than a generic red laser

If you find it so hard or intimidating to do then don't do it. It's not as complicated as you think it is, probably because you've never done this before. If it's any help, I recommed looking up tutorials on making basic circuits and understanding the difference and correlation between Voltage, Amperage, and Resistance. AND if you still don't think you can do it, pay me and I'll do it for you =D

haha its a pain in the ass my brother in law makes them .. its sick how it draws on the walls its well worth the price easily over 50 bucks

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