News: Hacked Wristwatch Connects to Facebook

Hacked Wristwatch Connects to Facebook

Too lazy to take your phone out of your pocket? If so, then here's a must-have: a customizable inPulse wristwatch that can check into Facebook Places. Created by inPulse designer Eric Migicovsky, the hacked watch uses Bluetooth to pull Facebook Places from a connected Android smartphone. The app sends real time latitude and longitude stats from the smartphone's GPS to Facebook, which then transmits nearby places to the watch, navigable by a one button interface. 

Hacked Wristwatch Connects to Facebook

See it in action:

For the Java savvy, Migicovsky has released the code for the app. See a partial overview here, along with download links for the full project. For the coding clueless (such as myself), you can purchase a watch from inPulse for $149.00-$199.00.

VIA All Facebook.

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