News: Hacked Kinect Captures 3D Video in Real Time

Hacked Kinect Captures 3D Video in Real Time

That Kinect you bought for your Xbox 360? More than just a game controller, it's a bonafide hologram generator! In the clip below, UC Davis researcher Dr. Oliver Kreylos demos the process. The fun stuff begins at the :44 mark.

Kreylos explains, "By combining the color and the depth image captured by the Microsoft Kinect, one can project the color image back out into space and create a 'holographic' representation of the persons or objects that were captured.

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This guy is a genius. So is the guy that rev. eng'ed it 3 hours after it was sold.

The only thing left to do is to write a gesture-recognition framework and this thing will have unlimited potential in both console and PC world.

Now we're just one step away from full 3d captures. Synchronizing multiple camera's to fill in the empty blank area's. Future of security camera's.

So true. Looking at how little "shadow" there is, you should be able to get full (and I mean FULL, all-around) 3D image with only 2 opposite-mounted cameras. Oh man, that will be great!

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