News: Hack together a DIY cotton candy machine

Hack together a DIY cotton candy machine

This ultra clever mod of household junk makes for an ingenious variation on the carnival classic.

The essence of this treat is basic carmelization. Start with juice. Heat. Spray liquid into air so that it crystallizes into a thready form resembling cotton. Or as the Aussies call it, fairy floss.

Spin cotton candy in a bottle cap

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where do u get and what is the stuff that he puts in to make the cotton candy?


Cotton Candy is just sugar sprayed out int a fluffy cotton like form so he's probably putting sugar of some sort in there. Cotton candy machines usually have special sugar that you buy separately to put in it.

This is pretty cool, I guess if you were so into cotton candy its best to make it yourself instead of spending the $30 to buy it

Candy flossine?

now thats cool

That looks safe... Cotton candy and toxic chemicals from heated aluminum...

Ignore the hecklers! I think this is genius, and I might just have a go myself! at last! a worthwhile project from this site, well done!

Nice! but will the aluminum make the cotton candy unsafe in any way...? Just wondering. =)

Also, why do you have to heat it...?

LOL... Would you eat cotton candy off of his hands?

this is still pretty rough, so i'm gonna make a few modifications and hopefully my cotton candy will look a little nicers

thts cool as

to Xoebear: the heat melts the sugar, and it gets flung out of the holes. When it hits the air, it solidifies :D


where do you get the powder stuff that you put in?


I would never eat that toxic #$%@. Its really smart, but i would never eat it unless you showed us that you would eat it.

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