News: Create perpetual energy - almost

Create perpetual energy - almost

Is perpetual energy possible?

The debate rages on. And they just keep trying.

This particular device may not be perpetual, but it is far more efficient than, say a homopolar motor.

The magnet in this device, the creation of our friend HowieD, propels the rotation, powering the LED.

Since magnetic energy is constant, an argument that it is perpetual seems ostensibly reasonable....that is until one considers that friction will inevitably kill the magnet.

Ok, ok... our minds are blown, too.

Build a cheap perpetual energy generator (FAUX-TO)

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i like your stuff dude!!


Thanks for posting my vid on your channel! Cool to see it embedded. :)

Very cool A+

no way!!! A+ easily

The magnet will eventually demagnetize. Fun demonstration of magnetism and electricity, but it isn't "perpetual energy." You can't run much this way either, which is why he's using an LED.

it's technicaly not free energy unless a fuel was not used. believe it or not magnets are a fuel. you need energy to magnetize them in the first place. magnets are more like storage capsules for electromagnetic energy. how did you think electromagnets worked.

"magnets are more like storage capsules for electromagnetic energy" Not even close.
Read up. Once an NdFeB "rare earth" is produced, there is very little degradation of the magnetic force. It would take a very strong magnetic force, a good deal of heat, or a LOONNNGG time to demagnetize these magnets, and until then, they continually exert the same magnetic force. Very much unlike a battery. Electromagnets temporarily align the domains of a "soft" ferromagnetic substance using a charged solenoid.

This is one of the neatest things I've seen

Pretty cool. I like your videos!

I call Shennagins on this one!

Not a chance. Perhaps there is a pulsing magnet under the table.

i fink the magnets are repelling each other..... comensense realy

Cool idea. I've wondered if this would work

Have you done this on a larger scale?

I'd like to see it work on a 110 volt scale.

If people paid more attention in 3rd grade science class, we wouldn't have so many people falling for tricks like this.

Maybe if parents didn't dump their kids onto nannies, their children would pay attention in 3rd grade!

if its a trick then show us a vid where it doent work and how come trust me it works look up nickoli tesla if you dont believe this then he will blow your mind.

pretty cool. could you build this on a large scale?

upscale and turn it intro a marketable product.

did any of those who say it just won't work did realize one of these generators to show it fails?
If answer is no, please, stick to science paradigm and avoid the void repetition of common places (third law of thermo-dynamics cannot be prooven, only his false-hood could and this generator, if working actually IS a falseness proof enough).
If answer is no, please give us proof just like the author of this video did.

the answer. That is what this video shows us.

Thats what I call free energy

I think it is great but I feel that we should avoid using the word "perpetual" when naming something that is not actually perpetual. Maybe "magnetic energy device" would be better.
It is great though, keep up the free thinking, it pushes all of us to do the same.,

Could you give more info on the magnets used? size, strength, source, polarity orientation. Thanks. sterlingda at

this is awesome

Wow, energy crisis solved......with cream cheese and magnets. : )

newbie says: why not patent it?
...cause its powered by a motor and not "perpetual"

How long will it runs untill the demagnetize begins?

magnet fields last for arround 400 years

if this gadget worked as shown, we had found the perpetual motion solution, and made in greater scale, we had magnetic propelled cars

may I contact the person who made the video of the perpetual generator, to check the whole thing, because the cuality of the video deserve a chat.

i saw this video and though i was skeptical i built my own version...well, i didn't would make a great "wheel of fortune"....i tried using several "kick" magnet (off wheel)for more of a "sweeping effect" but no luck....i'm still going to tinker with it because i hate it when something i build doesn't work...there is no way the one in the video could work from my experience with that design.....oh, well.....happy,happy.

i thought of this idea a while back being used with a wind generator w/o using wind and using magnets, and havent got to test it yet. would you get a greater result by fixing the 12 magnets at a 45 degree angle?

This is a complete scam. Holding a permanent magnet next to a bunch of other permanent magnets on a wheel isn't going to turn anything. The guy wired the DC motor with a hidden battery to turn the wheel and light the LED.

lots of comments both pro and con. all i can say is that there is definately an interest in the potential of what you've demonstrated.Nice place to start. I hope others will build on it.

How powerful is the motor used?

Awsome it does work I tried it years ago for a sicence fair in school and won first prize cyberpageman must work for the oil company lol great info thanks for the awsome vid you should do a genarator using electrolsis and water for power it works too.

but i've already done it...!!!!

Hey wouldnt u get more energy if you put thin coils of copper wire as close as possible to the wheel (like a generator)? Also you dont really need the motor just an axle for the wheel to turn.
Hey everybody is this array just a perpetual motor?
Really IS IT?


Seems to me like a magnetic motor

This is not perpetual motion. Perpetual motion involves a generator that creates more power than it makes and uses the excess to power itself. This motor uses permanent magnets for power, NOT its own energy.

very cool A+ for sure

awesome stuff , a house + magnetic motor = net metering , why hasn't anyone started to market this in North America ???


paceti - you are correct. It's actually called a 'magnetic motor' - simply.

AntiAntagonist - you are correct; NOT perpetual - the magnets will eventually degauss. However, you should rethink your comments regarding power supply (as the model can be up-scaled).

dixieoutlaw4x4 - 400 years is not accurate (as the magnets are in motion - also, don't forget the friction/vibration).

You forgot to show the rotating magnet under the table.

heeeeeeeey It didnt open for me!!!!!!!1
what should I do?

If it ran on electro-magnets it powered itself and still produced excess energy, even if it was a nano-volt, I would be impressed.

There's no way this thing would work... a closed loop line integral of the force in a magnetic field is zero thus making this "perpetual" energy motor nonsense. So either this is a hoax or something else (still not perpetual) is driving the motor.

Looks like to me there is a hole in the table under the matchstick under the motor..anyone notice the sawdust?

You're doing work by moving the magnet that's in your hand. I'm sure you know that if you leave that magnet stationary, the generator will stop. Shame on you for being misleading.

Fantastic! Imagine the look on the faces of all those scientists with their big expensive laboratories and research grants when they see this.
I bet they will regret all the money they have spent on useless nuclear fusion research. If only they had a plastic lid and some magnets lying around when they started the Manhattan project! Imagine what a different world it would be now.

This is a hoax. Some clever edditing has allowed a battery to be hidden somewhere. A constant magnetic field is not a source of energy. The law of conservation of energy prevents a wheel from accelerating and a light from glowing without an input of energy. This video plays on the general lack of understanding of magnetic fields to defraud people.

way to solve the energy crisi man ! :D

he is a magnet seller duh lol

The set-up works as long as the handheld magnet is moved now and then to allow for the magnets to have proper repulsion and or attraction. Question is: Is the energy required to move the magnet by hand less than the produced rotational energy? If so, then you have the answer to the world's energy problem.

Even though perpetual motion is a fantasy this is still pretty cool.

I LOVE this video. Thank you.

This is amazing. Imagine what has stayed hidden from humans free energy that is available for free.. thanks for the video.

Magnets (namely neodymium, aka rare earth) are estimated to last approximately 300 years or better.. This is proven,albeit suppressed technology... Nice Job MAN!

I built the darn thing and followed the exact instructions. It doesn't work at all. The video is a garbage.

ma ke sure your magnets on the lid arn't pulling on each other

i guess Da Vinci would be very proud of you....

it's technicaly not free energy unless a fuel was not used. believe it or not magnets are a fuel. you need energy to magnetize them in the first place. magnets are more like storage capsules for electromagnetic energy. how did you think electromagnets worked.

Anthonyk312 so how much energy doe's it take to make a magnet.

it matters how strong the magnet is

Yeah as soon as a friend told me to watch this for a chat... i knew it doesn't work... there is noooooo way... and i see a lot of people that think it is... have to even gone to school? I have try of different ideas to get 2 motors like the ones in this video to move a toy car... thinking i could give it a push and one motor would power the other and just keep going.... nope doesn't read up on thermo-dynamics and you'll see why my idea didn't work and why this video is full of it

AWESOME!!! Thats a really cool trick you did, i think it really works! Maybe i can power my console or something with a really BIGGER version of that LOL

I tried that, but it's really not as easy as this video makes it out to be. You must angle the magnets just so, or the magnet's opposite pole will attract the drive magnet( the car track magnet). I tried this for a science project this previous year, and very nearly didn't complete a project at all; it's catastrophic failure forced me to switch topics entirely. I was extremely dissapointed with the way my version worked- or rather, failed to work. Perhaps I did it wrong; if so, I invite all who read this to correct me. Until then, it looks to me as though this video has been labeled a 'faux-to' for good reason.

i wouldn't recommend those normal magnets,what i would try using are lodestones.

I've tested this and it works.

good trick, now if you can scale it up to put out 10 megawatts a day forever we can replace 1 coal power plant.

this is BULL #$%@. his explination is horse #$%@.
put his face under some cool #$%@... this dude is magent seller in EBAY and Amazon.

For those who doubt read page 25 first

*SIGH* I was not a doubter (indeed, I am a biology teacher) and as my physics is not too hot and since I thought it would be a great demonstration in class, I went out and bought a wide selection of magnets and motors of various sizes to test this out.

FAIL ! All that happens is as people have said previously, the magnets rock a little back and fourth then they stop. Even if you spin the mechanism to give it power, it stops very quickly. I repeated this using different strength magnets and various motors and nothing happened.

I would love it to have worked and am pleased I tested it myself, rather than just nay saying... another video would be great, or start selling the set up (with a guarantee) as I want to join the celebration, but otherwise... I'm out !

This would not work if the magnet was fixed in place rather than hand held, subtle, constant corrections of the proximity of magnets to one an other is required to keep this moving. You are converting muscular excretion to electricity. This is no big trick, I suspect a generator on a stationary bike would produce a better ratio of expended calories to watts generated. Wendy's handed out a toy with kids meals a few months ago that was essentially the same device; It was a toy monkey (Captain Huggy Face to be exact) with a round bottom that allowed it to spin like a top and a toy remote control. Each contained a small fixed magnet. If you place Captain Huggy Face on a table and hold the remote near by, he spins in place. If you put the remote on table, nothing happens or they stick together. It is the subtle corrections made by your eye-brain-hand that keep the two parts of toy consistently the same distance apart which in turn keeps the monkey spinning.

this is not right
leave all the motor and light out and just try to get the magnets to rotate first [as i have tried]
yes you get a 'kick from the first magnet [say + to + but then when its passed the + side, the - side atracts to the + which stops it] all makes sense when you try it!
i tried with a bike wheel and big magnets
there is a site on the web under free energy that deals with all stuff like this and none of them work!

make a giant backpack tazer version and then i'll go try it

I did this over 20 years ago and it did not work, (flashbaztard) stated why it does not work, If you could shield the magnet to stop the attraction on one side and then use the repel side it would work, but alas, nothing will shield the magnet. It passes through everything. I also tried to focus the magnetic force sort of llike a lense is used to focus light, but it does not work either.

This is great until the poles shift !

He simply has the motor connected to a power supply under the table. Not even a credible scam.

Fake!! This is the classic under the table trick I've done it doesn't work and this kid is collecting money from watching his video

Scam. The motor was powered somehow from below. I was attracted to watch this video specifically because of the claim it was ALMOST PR. It's obvious it's nowhere close to 'Almost'. Scam. Fraud. BS. Hey, you MIGHT have had a better chance of snagging more believers if you didn't throw so much voltage into it. Then again, it could be done with magnets under the table. Either way, you should have made it spin 30RPM or something.

Oops, PR should have been PM, Perpetual Motion.

That's so cool!
lol cream cheese lid and some magnets, who would have thought.

I can't believe some guys in here actually believed this... Ain't it painfully obvious the wheel is being powered by the motor and not the other way around?

What is being called perpetual, it seems, needs better definition. This setup reminds me of playing with the sprayer in the sink, as long as the water is sprayed in one direction then the cyclone exelerates and continues. However, once I turn the water off the cyclone stops. With this setup, what is causing the "flow"? I know that a magnet will push or pull another magnet depending on which sides I put together. This force is obviously capable of move objects. In my view gravity seems to be very similar to magnetism. The force of the sun allows the earth, along with it's force, to move in an all but unchangeing course. Although solar systems are not perpetual, it sure could look that way, and while ours is moving I think we will be sure to make good use of it. No doubt he could get the wheel of magnets movein in one direction. Once it has started in one direction and the same force is used on the next rotating magnet is it impossible for the second magne to respond the same way as the first . If one rotating magnet can send a wheel moving in one direction because of the force created by magnetism, PLEASE someone tell me why the magnet in this guys hand will act so differantly on another magnet in nearly the exact same position?

If magnets are cells that hold energy(I don't agree that they are a fuel, even though energy is mass in motion. Mass my be potential energy but energy can also be mass or at least in some cases substitute mass prior to converting to energy) then couldn't some of this energy that this device uses be passed back into the magnets in order to 're-magnetize' them? Such as electromagnets are made with a copper coil? A switch could be used that sends energy into the coils as well as out to a device to be powered. Essentially if this was possible the magnets would maintain their strength and continue to run in true perpetual motion continuously with little energy to replenish their strength, since they would degrade slowly they wouldn't need to be strengthened long or much. Just a thought. Also I would have to say to all you 'smart' posters, that you should really try having an open mind to science. You are limiting possibilities instead of considering them. Don't knock it. Try to improve it if you see a flaw. Sidenotes: costa200, you are a belligerent idiot. Try something before you say it doesnt work. I built one of these in second grade. Natehelm, I think I get what you are saying but stay on track. Seriously out there.

Avintrue prove it you dolt. Send a model of this to a peer reviewed journal and make a patent . Why didn't you already? With a patent for something like this you would get a fortune. Instead you stay here and lie your ass off. This thing as it is built would not turn that wheel, much less reach that speed. The magnets would just rock back and forth a bit according to your hand movement and that is it.

This exact model wouldnt work but it is possible to create something like this. x = x -y doesnt work I know. but there are other ways around it. Dont forget the other forces at work.

Like elfin magic.

Avintrue, what other forces? X=X-Y can only work when Y is zero and that's the main problem with all these perpetual motion machines. unless you have an external power source to be transformed into a movement you cannot create it. And about this model itself, just look at the speed of the wheel. It is clearly the maximum speed of the motor he showed in the first place. It is an obvious fake.

And you said: " that you should really try having an open mind to science", which is really funny, because i do absolutely love science and i'm professionally bound to it, but there is a difference between having an open mind and allowing my brain to fall out of my skull.

Forget it. If they can see through a simple trick like this, they're already spending all of their money on x-ray specs and investing their retirement on scratch-off tickets.

Can't, even,

Honestly I don't know if this is real or not, but I do have an idea that might turn out useful.
Have a wheel with magnets as the video shows, and near the edge of the wheel, have a cog glued also (the big cog), moving a cog connected to a generator of some kind (small cog). Then each cycle of the big cog would be a few cycles for the small cog. And what matters to the generator is movement, not the size of whats moving, right?
So with that increasement of efficiency, connecting the generator to a second spinning wheel, with a magnet glued to it used to 'push' the first wheel on. And maybe, the energy supplied from the generator would be enough to spin the 'pushing magnet'. The purpose of this is to have the '-' repelling magnet close to the '+' glued little on-first-wheel magnet, so that it doesn't magnetize the '-' side of the glued little on-first-wheel magnet, and even if such thing does happen, causing the spinning to slow down and even stop, the still-spinning second-wheel will cause the slowing down to degrade and speed the spinning again. Although we'll have to give it the first push, I can imagine this might work, considering the energy used to spin the wheel, given from the generator, is smaller than the energy provided to the generator from the first spinning wheel (the big question that I cannot answer). But hey, if you Have the first wheel big enough, with a cog also big enough, and the small cog small enough, wouldn't at a big-enough scale, an 8-teethed small cog would do the trick of increasing spin effeciency enough to have extra unused energy - the energy we are seeking, right?
I'm still skeptic though, and dont flame me if what I said was stupid. Just an idea that smarter people may develop into a theory.

I guess the next think to do is to build a model and try it for myself. The one shown on the video and the one I thought of as well.
p.s. Sorry if I had any grammar mistakes, English is not my native language.

The guy put a fake perpetual motion machine here as a joke. It just never ends.

For almost perpetual check out the Clarendon clock. Or look at Barometric self winding clock. This could be a variation of Inductatract but Hallbach arrays have field on only one side. Would have to replicate his result to believe but as long as the energy in systems remain the same its possible to recirculate. The small power he adds in starting may be enough before losses over time wear it down. Electrostatic Motor we can pass charges back and forth so losses are small as is power. I would not dismiss in entirety as some but would remain skeptical until repeated.

I saw the comment about the magnets repelling each other but you would get as much magnetic breaking as movement. You need to flip the magnetic field or pulse the field. A Hallbach array in an inductract would reduce friction to near zero once the minimal forward rotation was established and would function better in a near vacuum.
He may be pulsing the field by moving the magnet in and out of range of the magnets?

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