News: Crank charge batteries

Crank charge batteries

[community/members/babblin5/ Babblin5] is a tenacious tinkerer. Here he shows us HowTo get a dead battery running again. How?

Well, it becomes a bit involved as he splices together a cordless drill, voltage regulator, alligator clips, a circuit board and a hand crank.

What would previously be toxic garbage, Babblin turns into a viable energy source. This is a great fix if you're in a bind or just want to solder some junk.

Did you know the US dumps over 146,000 tons of annual U.S. battery waste every year? Save the environment and start recharging!

Click to play Crank charge batteries video (will open in new window).

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this really works?

I was sceptical at first, and I still am, but I'm gonna give it a go and hopefully it'll work. Good idea though, nice!

any idea how to get battery acid out of my face? The duracell exploded hurry it burns!!!!

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