News: Cook hotdogs like a Redneck

Cook hotdogs like a Redneck

What do Jeff Foxworthy and Nikola Tesla have in common?

Not much until this insane innovation came into existance.

Why waste precious electricity on an inefficient kitchen appliance? Why not send 110 volts of alternating current directly to the hot dog itself? And yes, 110V is very lethal. Actually, anything above 50V is enough juice to electrocute a human being.

Dankfrog, the creator of this video, is the real thing. It takes him about 15 frugal seconds of exposed A/C to nuke his lunch. We have tried, in vain, to connect with Mr. Frog, but he seems to be lost, off the grid.

Electrocute that hotdog

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i wonder if u could cook any meat like that like chicken or pork chops


i believe the answer is yes. the problem is that it might cook more unevenly than emeril might advocate, due to the concentrated (power and location) nature of the AC. Perhaps a careful matrix of nails might do the trick.

i think the casing helps focus the electricity
the inconsistency of a natural cut of meat would challenge the thoroughness
and the fact that hotdogs are pre cooked kills any risk

i bought this device at a garage sale. It cooks the hot dog using the same method.

If he has electricity why not just use the microwave it takes about 10 seconds on high

happy hotdog month !

Hot dog month? What the? Wait! know what? Ahh, forget it...oh, alright!
I bet you could also stuff hot dogs into your engine manifold and cook em like the movie theater does.

Happy hot dog month, amie.

anyone that cooks a hotdog or anything like this for ingestion is a retard.

1. High power is something the normal Joe shouldn't be toying around with.. U.S. wall outlets deliver 110volts AC, at anywhere from 15-20 amps. (about 1500 - 2200 watts, i'd have to look up the exact number).
High Voltage + High Current = BAD

2. Nails have protective coatings.. for example Galvanized Nails have a Zinc coating to prevent oxidation.. Even though you can't see it the Zinc is probably being transferred into the food item... Though Zinc is common in foods, it's still stupid to get that Zinc from galvanized nails.. not to mention any other chemical they use to coat the nails.

and to reply to bigpat417... It's probably possible, but i'd highly recommend against it.. It'd take way to long, you'd have to move the nails constantly, probably wouldn't get the food hot enough to kill the bacteria, and not to mention the meat would be dry..

We can also used that method as monkey torture?

He said splice the wires. What he did was strip the wires. If he would have spliced them the ends would be twisted together and that would only pop his breaker.
I'm just saying...

I'm with bugmenot2008. As an electrical technician, my teacher did this trick in a lab to show the danger of electrical power. A 110 Vac the hotdog was nicely cooked; a 220 flamme started to appear; and with a nasty 600 Vac...boom, no more hotdog.

The most important part is electricity in made of electron that come from somehere. If you made an arc over two nail for some time, you'll rapidly notice that one of the nail get shorter and the other get longer. It's a molecular transfer.

So when you cook a hotdog that way, iron, zinc and many other substance unhealty go into the hotdog. Just cut the hotdog in half in the length and you'll notice the black iron powder where the nail was.

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