How To: Wire a 555 timer chip for PWM

Wire a 555 timer chip for PWM

This demonstrates how to wire a 555 timer chip for Pulse Width Modulation. Items used: solderless breadboard, 555 chip, 510 ohm resistor, 100k ohm variable resistor, 1 RGB LED at 20-25ma, wires, and 9v battery. And those vertical lines are what i mean in terms of what you can see only on the camera. You can see the led light of course without the camera.

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If your still around, I have a Question... Here's what I want to do, Our Dog is Trained to Ring the Bells we have hanging on the door handle leading to the Back yard.
I would like to Make something using something like this, that I could activate, Say a LED when the Dog goes up to the Bell and taps it. The trick is I want the LED to be a Remote using RF that I can take it BlueTooth Range distance, I think thats 33'. I have a bunch of Parallax stuff I could use if needed... Or I can buy whatever, I just want the whatever to be a bunch of parts such as, Microchips, resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, and so on. It's a Heck of a lot more FUN to make it than Buy it!!!
Any Suggestions? A thought of mine, I have a couple of BlueTooth headsets lying around broke or the battery is no good in them anymore but still work, Maybe I could make something that has the 555 chip that connects to a Pezio buzzer but instead of the buzzer make it activate a RF signal to the Bluetooth receiver and that turns on an LED and maybe it emits a Sound.... Instead of an LED that activates incorporate it in my home Lighting, so when the dog bumps the bell/Switch it Flickers the lights 1 to 6 times or Dims the lights while flashing a small LED mounted on the Light Switch in each room... That would be pretty Slick!

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