How To: Use an XLR mic with a camcorder

Use an XLR mic with a camcorder

How to Make Anything demonstrates how to use a three prong XLR mic with your camcorder. The XLR plug on the mic is not going to fit into the 1/8 inch plug on your camcorder so you will need an adapter. You can find an XLR to 1/8 inch adapter for about 10 dollars. Try to get an adapter with as short of a cord as possible to reduce noise and radio interference. You can also get an XLR box which is an interface which goes between your camera and the microphone. The XLR box will be about 180 dollars. The XLR box has a stereo and a mono function as well as an auxiliary input. The XLR box also has a screw mount to fit on your camcorder.

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