How To: Turn a Webcam and Phone into a Security Spy System

Turn a Webcam and Phone into a Security Spy System

Watch this video tutorial, and learn how to turn an ordinary inexpensive webcam into a hidden home security system, viewable anywhere in the world from your cell phone! With a cute and cuddly teddy bear and a cheap webcam, you can make the perfect homemade security camera, or just a camera to spy on your sister and her friends during sleepovers. Follow along with the steps in this how-to video and learn how to set up this spy system. Note: this video is NOT recommended for people who are perverts.

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no!it is good idea

give me another web page tjhat one dont work

i find it difficult to download here i need a way to know what to do to download

webpage doesnt work - shows a placeholder site instead

dosent the feed cost heaps on ur phone

5 minutes later: little sister: "aaah mommy my bear got an extra eye?!?!!" xD

doesn't "spying on your sister and her friends during sleepovers" make you a pervert to start with?

The Video is not it removed or is it my computers's problem???????

It's something weird with Metacafe. It plays fine there, but not here, so I updated this article with a YouTube video instead. Should be able to see it just fine now.

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