How To: Turn an Old Scanner into a Keyboard Light

Turn an Old Scanner into a Keyboard Light

Do-it-yourselfer Kipkay salvaged parts from an old parallel port scanner and made a flexible, super-bright light in this how-to video. The modification is done by extracting the lamp and running it through clear tubing. He mounted the new lamp above his keyboard for night typing. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to turn an old scanner into a keyboard light.

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Great stuff! but, would the bulb/tube last as long as a conventional light? or would it just burn out after a couple of days/weeks?

Thing with a scanner tube, its not only a light tube like you get in a normal household florescent, but made up of different colours. Is there any way to make these lights to work individually?

no it is made of different colors but unless u want to seperate the colords of white light ur screwed.(its only one light)

interesting hack

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