How To: Turn an LCD screen into a simple EL (electroluminescent) display

Turn an LCD screen into a simple EL (electroluminescent) display

Electroluminescent (EL) materials light up when electricity passes through them, as opposed to more common incandescent lights that respond to heat. EL displays are becoming very popular in advertising and art,but getting them or the materials to make them can be expensive. Watch this video to learn how to turn an LCD into a simple EL display, and also how superglue can be used as a cheap dielectric in this sort of project.

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create a small animation by paining a few scenes over top each other and having them powered on off one after another. for example

picture Ain the phosphor runa connector line out then insulate it

next paint picture b right over top with a bit of change to it and coat it then insulate and then maybe one more picture then a little circuit that turns picture one for a breif time and as it goes off the second picture is powered and then the third returning to the first..I hope thi s makes sense. I want to know if it can be layered like that and then I want some

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