How To: Turn a laser into a burning laser

Turn a laser into a burning laser

This video tutorial from Shooting Eggs demonstrates a hack that will allow you to convert a cheap 5 mW green laser pen into a 100 mW monster. Watch out, don't burn your carpet! Check out this hacking how-to and learn how to build your own high-powered laser on the cheap.

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cool, but can you use something different to heat that thing up?

Ok, read this now because I'm gonna only type it once. Do NOT heat the component 03 because you will disable the IR filter which is very dangerous and hazerdous. Second, do not tighten the screw ALL the way. Keep it a little bit loose or you will blow your diode or reduse it's life Tremendously!!! It will still catch things onfire if you don't heat componant 03. It is NOT a necessity! Thank you, Paul Kendrick III

For more information search YouTube for The "Green Laser Pot Mod"

Paul Kendrick, what kind of laser is this? All I know is that it is a 5mW, if you could tell me that would be great.


Can you tell us how 'tightening a screw' would increase its power ?

the 'screw' is a variable resistor so by loosening or tightening you increase the current going trough the resistor. therefore making it easier/ harder depending on where you have set it for the current to go trough.

i dont have a sodering iron

U dnt need a sodering iron. Take tha screw drive u used and heat it up on the stove for about 30 seconds. Make sure u have on Oven mits. And use that to heat up tha component.

cum on! If it was carpet it wouldnt have just a scorch mark.

do we really need a green laser to make it work?

It Dosent Work With Red One?

wut brand of laser wuz it, i want to buy that one

do u have to buy that one?

Not exactly THAT one but a 5 mW is best to use for modding because if you mess up there not that expensive.

where can we get a laser like that

ebay. Don't get one over 5mW - 10mW because chances are it's a scam.

can you post the instructions the video was a lttle har to read

Where can I buy laser like that?
Does it have to be green?
What did you mean by making sure its 03 laser?
If anyone knows answers to theese question please answer them it would really help us out a lot.

where do i get the laser seriously

Get any o'laser. Im gonna get one 2morrow.

Just answer our #$%@ing questions.

I've just bought myself a laser, a pretty cheap one. I'm struggling to get the laser out of the casing, is there a special trick to break the glue seal? 'cause I've been trying for about 2 hours now, is it just me doing something wrong?

Use a knife or hedge cutters and place the blade between the grooves. Slide the blade(s) around the seal until it loosens. Get a pair of pliars and CAREFULLY slide it out making sure you don't do any damage.

aaarrrggghhhh! i cant break the glue seal!

What do you mean by 03?

Just ignore that part. It will disable the IR filter which is very dangerous.

i cant find a screw on my laser

So im gona buy one on ebay but what size is the best?

So it's just tightening that screw that increases the power?


it doesnt work with a 5mw red one?

cause i tightened and loosened the screw and this blue laser won't burn jack

hey. How would you make the laser more powerful

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