How To: Turn a flashlight into a laser

Turn a flashlight into a laser

Kipkay demonstrates how to extract the laser from a DVD burner and mount it in a small flashlight to create a handheld laser burner that can light matches and burst balloons, all in this how-to video. All you need is a 16x DVD burner, a laser housing, and a flashlight. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to modify a flashlight into a relatively strong laser.

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Too Cool! Looks more powerful than the riki dinky key chain ones you can buy for a $1.99.

? una cazzata

BADASS i want to try this soo bad..

For the love of God... TALK SLOWER!!

i HAVE to try this

wish i had one of those!

that looks freaken awsome! i have all those parts so im going to try this and comment back


do you have to use a dvd burner, or can you use a cd burner

good question. u must use a dvd burner,cuz cd burner have Infra red light or somethings like that....

i wish i had that cr@p

man with this i could make stuff explode from distance, nobody knows its effectivity range?

i did it and it works...
if you hold it really still you can burst a balloon from about 7 feet. be carefull when shining towards people , and their eyes!!

lmao this looks cool o though itd b annoying to do all that work for it but still pretty baddass

If i had money to drop on a dvd drive....i wouldn't totally kill the drive after i bought it...

Do we need to use a axis laser housing or can we just use other housings just to support the laser dionde and does the axis laser's cover or the top have any difference with the other housings of the ordinary laser pointer.

Can I just power the laser diode with 2 AA batteries to make it burn things?


fire fire ....hey fire..

Gaddamn! That's some dangerous #$%@ man... If you have a stupid little brother like I do... :P I better now try that cause of safety reasons...

dang this is some good crap I gotta try this out

I have a new plan for the safety of America. Nobody show this homemade laser video to Nick Hogan.

i had to see the video in slowmotion to keep upp!! lol

good good .. any more ?




what if you buy a 20x burner, or even a BLUE RAY BURNER LASER!! (even tho that would be expensive as hell!) will that make it more powerful ?

what if you buy a 20x burner, or even a BLUE RAY BURNER LASER!! (even tho that would be expensive as hell!) will that make it more powerful ?


Hey dumbass, we just did it. it sucks dick, it doesnt burn #$%@!

Can u say HOUSEFIRE!!!!

Cool, but too complicated for the average person

LOL when he say DVD

Wow thats nice and dangerous cool

Is there a replacement for the AIAXIS coz i dont have one and cant find it also can you hit me back what i can use in replacement for that housing?

hey what happens if i use a laser out of a dvd player

will it just really suck

Use a blue ray diode! It's VERY powerful and the beam is BLUE!

for god sake,talk slower,

Im quit a pyro so I like this A LOT.:):)

Im going to be doing that this week

If you have an old hardrive you could use the diode from that.

Or laptop.

Dont talk so fast and go through it so fast youre goning to confuse people.

why do you need the laser housing?

these lasers are perfect for blinding and burning out camera's. its a great way to buy time for a con. but the ceap ones dont work. usually lasers like the one in the vid are up to $200-$1,000 dollars.

Didn't work! Mine looked like a lens with some copper wire around... #$%@..

To the author:The How to demo video does not play.

hey it works i tried that one now im enjoying popping ballons with a range with my laser

he really should talk about the hazard to the eyes and that cd lasers also put out ir that can hurt you eyes that you can't see. Out side of that pretty freaking cool hack.

I made this about a year ago and it would not start a match. After seeing this video again I had to make it work and I figured it out. You have to find the hot spot, the distance to where the laser is most focused. I bought my laser diode and housing on line. The housing comes with a adjustable lens and with that said and placing the match a certain distance from the flash/laser light, it worked. I just happened to have one of these flash lights around, at my work we use to use them a lot and so walmart has them cheaply.

LIke Jason W about said, not sure what the legal responsibility is but, it needs to be said that if you point this at a person, especially their eyes, you will hurt a person and will go to jail. It even made national news where a man point one at a helicopter and he went to jail.

anyway, Good stuff thanks.

awesome i allmost got the stuff to make it

The guy talks about how delicate a diode is but believe me, your or anyone else's retina is much more delicate. Tips like this come into the criminally dangerous category.


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