How To: Turn an Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser into a Silly String Launcher

Turn an Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser into a Silly String Launcher

The electric air freshener is one of those devices that seems like it could only have one possible function, but can actually be repurposed in a few different ways. If you're looking for a practical use, you can turn it into a bug killer, but it's also perfect for pranks.

With a super simple mod, you can make what would be more appropriately called a room UN-freshener. Or, you can take a cue from Calvin over on and turn your electric air freshener into a DIY silly string launcher.

Start by removing the cover and the top faceplate so you can see the motor and wires, then take out the circuit board.

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Next, solder the ground from the battery to the ground from the motor, then attach the positives to a switch. Now, just put a can of silly string where the fragrance spray goes, replace the covers, and start making your list of targets!

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Calvin used a push-button momentary switch for his, but if you wanted to make it more fun, you could easily use a motion sensor instead. Think of all the kids you could scare on Halloween by hiding it on your doorstep!

For more details, plus a video of the silly string launcher in action, check out Calvin's post.

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