How To: Trigger traffic lights to change from red to green

Trigger traffic lights to change from red to green

This instructional video shows how change traffic lights from red to green, using science, and without actually having to know anything about magnetic fields or properties! Save gas, time, and frustration in your car and during your commute! Works great! See the test results! Yay for Kipkay! The trick in this video hacking tutorial will teach you how to get green lights on your bike or motorcycle that is too small or light to trigger the traffic light.

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I will never wait at a light again YAY!

I want a tool taht will make it change automaticly at a button...But its probobly illlegal,but the cops and other important people do.


that's already ''invented''. when the cops are in a hurry, the people controlling the trafiic lights give them green light in every intersection, but here in norway the just go on red light.

wrong. they use a traffic preemption strobe or an IR emitter to trip the receiver on the traffic light and it changes to green for them. Same with Fire Apparatus and EMS

so nice picture

In Colorado we have a lot of the laser triggers at our intersections so this wouldn't work all the time. But using this along with the light sensor triggers you can buy for bikes is teh win! I'll have to come back to this video when I feel like doing the work =)

I'm a reporter in Denver thinking about a story on this idea -- if you'd be willing to talk to me -- shoot me an e-mail at Thanks!

This is a gimmick. Magnets are simply not necessary. I can trigger traffic lights on my bicycle, no problem. The trick is to put your wheels directly on the center wire of the inductive loop. I've never had this fail. If I can do it with a bicycle, a scooter or motorcycle should have absolutely no problem.

the lights that are set up like that i have no problem on my motorcycle as long as i'm paying attention to were they are on the road. it's the ones that don't have this set up that i have to turn right or go through a parking lot to avoid

no way a small magnet can be strong enough to have a cange on the sensor under 1ft in the fround

meodynmium magnets will!

lol the sensors are right at ground level, and radio signals are similar, a weak magnetic signal that is picked up from far away, but you still hear radio.

how this works is basically all the magnetic fields in the metal grains in a standard nonmagnetized car look similar to this line : /_||\_\////\|
not aligned at all. now, the inductive sensor in the road, detects a magnetic field from these nonaligned magnetic fields in a car, but they are weak, so you have to have a decent size hunk of metal.

what the neodymium is actually doing, is making a strong enough magnetic field that the different grains in the smaller metal bike are aligned like this: |||||||||||||||||||
They are all lined up!!! lol so essentially the stronger magnetic field is caused by the fact that the small metal bike has all its magnetic fielsd in each of the metals grains aligned, so none of the fields are canceling out other fields in the metal by pointing in another direction.

aka, you put magnets on a bike, and it has the same amount of magnetic force as a nonmagnetic car of a much larger size!!!

Or, at the very least that is the theory behind how this works. (even in a magnetized piece of metal some fields aren't lined up, and more fields line up if magnets are stronger, thus the need for neodymium, or some big ol' magnets :) )

Hopefully I explained that well enough for those who are interested in the theory of this to get it. (years of engineering have rendered me incapable of nontechnical communication :) )

Your Friendly Neighborhood Engineer

this coming from a guy that thinks lasers embedded in a hairbrush will regrow hair. LOL. He really does too. It's one of his instructibles on metacafe., A quick google search on such rubbish though, shows it's scientifically proven to be total nonsense and quackery. Which makes me suspect this guy just does a lott of scouring of other peoples work, on tips tricks n things, and repackages them as his own. Basically makes a fortune by stealing and plagiarizing. Not cool.

you must be bald fella, try miracle grow!!!!!!!!

nah I've gone thick bangs behind my ears. But know plenty of bald folks and here them talkin' about it all the time.

lol, know what you mean, so are you a technology geek or just a knowledge seeker? you may get a few ideas if you read my post below if your a technology freak like me mate..........

Thumper picture is really cool I want it...NOW!

"makes a fortune"?

The sensor wire is actually only 2-3" below the surface of the road, so it shouldn't be a problem. I also make a habit of riding directly over the saw cut and 80% of the time that's enough to trigger the signal. If it doesn't, call your local DOT office and report it that it needs to be repaired or have the sensitivity adjusted.

I tried it on my scooter with about 7X the amount of neodymium magnets used in the video an' it didn't work, at least not at the light nearest my home. I sat there for two minuites waitin' for the light to change so I could make a left turn. It normrally only stays red for a minuite at the most when my car sets the same sensor off. Good thing that here in Tennessee, there's a state law that is a bike isn't settin' off a traffic sensor, the rider can run the light after a complete stop if the traffic's clear. Still too early to tell if it'll work at other sensors that my bike doesn't set off

i think your full of it at about the light law. i live in tn, and ride a bike and never heard such a think.

I don't know why you haven't heard of it, but the law does exist. Here's several links to articles about it

i stand corrected. i live in a small town with no loops. the cool tech stuff hasn't made it here yet. so we don't here of these things until we make asses of ourselves

You'd have to ask your local PD to be sure, but I think the law only applies to lights with loops and not to timed lights

To add to my last post, This mornin', I tried two other traffic sensors in town the my bike didn't set off before an' it did set them off, apparently as a result of the magnets trick shown in this video

yes it easy to control trffic lights but what about the other drivers?

Uh, they'll have to stop when the light turns red? (duh)

precisely what i was thinking

As long as you are rolling, you will be fine.




awesome, not only do i live in cali where splitting lanes is legal, now i will never have to wait again!! mwuahahahah

awesome!!!!!!! it works!!!!!

What BS. You don't know anything about physics.

does it apply to roads outside the US?

possibly, look for the detector strips before the intersection

the person below me needs to shut the #$%@ up

If this DOES work, it needs to be REMOVED FROM THE NET RIGHT NOW. This poses a SERIOUS safety threat to all drivers. There are red lights for a reason. You could put all other lives around you at SERIOUS risk! What if you were responsible for 3 infant deaths? I'm not even going to get STARTED on the legal #$%@ too! This #$%@ needs to be OFF THE NET. True of otherwise, get rid of it! Putting an F!

lol you have no idea how these things work, do you? The sensor simply recognizes that a vehicle is waiting, and if no cars are driving the other way (or the other way has been green for a longer time), then that signal turns yellow, and then red. This doesn't IMMEDIATELY change the light to green whenever you roll up. There's formulas to make it fair.

she's young, give her a break. but hysteria is pretty funny.

XOEbear either on the RAG or has baby feet cookin in the crock Pot! Get Real GET LAID!

She misunderstood what was being said, and over reacted. Big deal, show me someone that can say they never over reacted to something in their life. Can we move on to the topic at hand please? Thank you

Oh yea, and I used to ride M/Cs for many years and if I ran into a light that would change I'd just get off and run over and push the cross walk button. Otherwise, if it was a turn I would make it when it was safe with no cross traffic, or just take a right and go down the street to where there's a working light or stop sign then make a U turn and go back to where I wanted to go.

WOAH! Calm down!

Retarded Xoebear,when one light its green the others will stay at red.SO wth theres no seriuous safety threat ,think .

wow, this is just as retarded as it sounds. everybody hates sitting at traffic lights but it doesn't mean this retard idea will work. The magnet going to pick up so much crap from the road and it's going to weaken the magnet. beside that, you're going to have so much crap under your bike. therefore, that will make it unsafe. if it does works, what kind of a chance will you have by going against a car with your little mopped by changing the light? Good luck with this retarded idea ROTFLMAO!

Most of the magnetic field will be concentrated on the lump of iron the magnet is attached to, so I don't think it's going to have a lot of force left to pick something up.

so xoebear i bet ur one of those whiney lil twits who say anything that disagrees with the governments views should be removed and made illegal, too? i bet you cheer on cops who stop black guys, beat them down, and arrest them for in effect, driving while being black...i bet ur the type of person who worships cops as virtual gods and whatever law exists u say it must be followed simply because it exists...well xoebear i hope ur happy when oneday cops arrest you for saying you have constitutional rights...this vid is good practice for revolting against injustice

The light isn't going to just suddenly turn green. This trick simply trigger the sensor to tell the lights that a vehicle is waiting. If you don't trigger the sensors, you might end up waiting forever.

It's the same as if you were in a car! Motorcycles just don't weigh enough and you have to sit at intersections until another car comes behind you, because it doesn't know you are there. This is not a hack of any kind it just alerts the electrionics at the intersection that there is a vehicle there.

That happened to my stepfather; he once sat at one of those on a motor-cycle. He was there 11 min. and waited until all the cars were gon and went.

this could work for a pedestrian too. stop jamming the 'walk' button and just dangle yo magnets!

use a series of strong electro-magnets, running under your car or bike, also use a device which can pulsate infra-red light to the traffic light sensor which is designed to detect the flashing lights of the emergency services, this way the system will auto overload and will give you priority over any other traffic........

if this fails then install a bluetooth device in the traffic light server box at the side of the road, if you have a mobile phone do a google search and update your phones driver using c++ or python, then you can auto-detect the traffic light set before you approach it and change it's configuration set at your speed in KPH or MPH, this hacking ability is intended to get you into learning how to crack technology designed to #$%@ your life !!!!!!

Michaelmayo, that the longest bunch of crap i have ever heard, you wasted more time coming up with that then you ever will at a light. Each loop is one wire wound up and then back to the control cabinet. They are only a couple inches in the roadway unless its be repaved. Flashing an infra-red will not set off the sensors for emergency vehicles and those sensors are only at key intersections. And they will not "auto overload" . Wow could throw out some more lingo to try and convince everyone. And there are nooo loops for pedestrians. Oh and the controllers in the traffic signal cabinets are no bluetooth ready idiot there is no usp port and you cant just walk up and flip them open, what a bunch of crap

I just like to have fun making the text boxes skinner! :)

Ivrk is right michealmayo is an even bigger tard then xoebear! wow if i didn't know any better i would think stupidity is contagious... i gotta go lmao

Nice solution. How about next time show an example with someone wearing proper gear? You know, helmet, gloves, boots, eye protection, pants, jacket.

but where can we get this kind of magnet?



WE GOT THE SIMS 3! I like Sims 2 better. It [Sims 3] takes getting used to.

I once thought it would be cool to create a device that would delay changing the lights the opposite direction if there was a car in the intersection. Turns out those jerks that give you tickets automatically when you run a light own the patent on that. So they rather give tickets then save lives, since most accidents occur when people run lights.

this $h(t works its so kewl
the pic is my horse shadow

cute horse

Small text bubble!

Even smaller!



check this out






thts not true well in my town at least i tried it and i watched the lights there not set my the frequency #$%@ its all timed the lights have a time for how long to stay green or red and when to change the times are different in some lights. but if this is true who do you explain it in nyc theres allways a car on each side

you speaketh the truth unlike most people. although in some old cities the magnets will work


haha,i put a 500 pound magnetXD

good luck cops catch u they will wax ur ass 4 u

please shut up you idiot do you even know what u r saying or anything about laws and regulations

yesss im so sick of wating for the lights. thats just savid my driving bordom

Lets not play with law and system ,this may seems like a game but may take some once LIFE

It won't take a life!


And Where do we get Neodymium magnets?

it works perfect

Simple, practical, and well-explained.

It work's.

hi how to g mail id please help me

Good! don't work in viet nam ^^

you dont need magnets or any of that #$%@ all you need is to flash your car lights rapidly and the sensor on the traffic light will think you are the police and it will change SIMPLE LOGIC!

I used rare earth magnets available everywhere and it works great

all u have to do is flash ur high beam and auotmacilly it will change i dnt know y bt it works

just don't drive to prevent stopping otherwise just walk ok.............

Actually some of them are pressure sensitive. I made a test in france on bike and if i braked hard with front brake (will add more weight on the front and press the force down on the front wheel) and only waited 10 to 15 seconds instead of the times where i just came rolling at 20kmh and stopped slowly. And theres also some of them with light sensors (maybe for night recognition if lights are moving)

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