How To: Solder a wire

Solder a wire

This video describes how to solder a wire. The first thing you have to remember is that the wires should be cleaned, shiny, and bright. Then trim about 1/2-inch of the insulation of the wires and then make a secure mechanical connection. Next, put some soldering pencil clean and shiny 60/40 rosin core solder. Do not use 50/50 core solder. Start by making sure that the soldering iron is tint. Put the soldering iron underneath the joint. Heat tends to rise and then touch the solder to the joint. Don't touch it to the iron. When the joint heats, the solder will flow into the wire. Don't use excess amount solder into the wire. Then keep the joint for cooling and don't disturb until it completely cooled. By watching this video, a viewer would be able to solder wire without any difficulty.

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