How To: Set up an HF portable radio while hiking

Set up an HF portable radio while hiking

We will be setting up a portable radio in the mountains. It will be established in a clearing with available rocks for setup. The equipment we will be using is a Yaso radio with microphone and headphone, coaxial cable, slight line and weight, 13.5 battery pack, 2o and 40 meter antenna, pen and paper to record contacts. The slight line with weight is tossed into the tree. This may take several attempts. Once the line is in the tree the weight is removed and connected to the antenna. Attach the coaxial cable to the antenna. Connect the cable and the power supple to the transmitter. Power up the radio. Next, you need to make at least four contacts over the radio to active it. Making a contact is speaking to another portable radio operator giving them your radio call letters and your name and speaking to them briefly.

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This rocked so much. Thanks for a demo of one of the things Hams do.

Can you please post a video or link re: making the EFHWA?

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