How To: Scratch-proof the top layer of an audio CD

Scratch-proof the top layer of an audio CD

If your audio discs aren't playing anymore or constantly skip, then your problem might be scratches. Not just the bottom layer matters on an audio CD. The top layer can scratch just as easily and cause just as many problems. That's why it should be protected, and this video shows you a great hack for protecting your music compact discs. You just need to add an extra thin cover to the top of your CD, which comes from a trashed CD or DVD, for which you need to boil to remove the thin plastic layer. Learn how to make a scratch-proof audio CD get some extra millage out of those burned CDs!

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Dear Viewers, This video was very good in several ways and it included everything a HowTo video should have, good step-by-step intructions, good visual, on-screen text. The only downside was the Text-to-Speech Narrator and he was aware of this problem, apologized and it is not the intructors fault that he didn't want to go out and buy an expensive computer microphone. Very good video except that if it shouldn't be used on CD-Roms and DVD's mostly and only pure CD's for CD players, that is a downside because most people use DVD's and CD-Roms more than any other type of disc.
Alex1inferno- The Critic

dear alex1inferno do you get paid to comment on internet videos if the arnser is no then u have way 2 much time on ur hands lol get out and get a life u loser

waste of time if you ask me.

lol, windows speech FTL!

Pointless! its the underside that suffers the most damage rather than the top labeled side. Also this is way to much effort, next time you get a pack of blank CD-Rs have a look at the very top disk and it will have a blank clear plastic disk just like what you have created, much easier.

please get some more info about how a CD works and is made, then you know the top and bottom sides are both important for protecting the data.

scratch-proof? i would say id1ot-proof

Cannot understand what these people are talkin about this video, anyways i got to learn some idea from this one atleast.

my neighbor had a similar idea, to stick a plastic layer on bottom..

i enjoyed learning about the layers i thought the bottom stored the data

Problem: Scratches to the bottom protective layer will still result in CD being unreadable

Thought: Makes you wonder why they don't sell them like this already. Well how would they force you to have to replace them regularly... Think about this seriously - then ask yourself who the real pirates are..

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