How To: Run USB through the phone lines

Run USB through the phone lines

Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to run a USB cable through existing phone cords. You'll need two phone jacks, a USB extender, and a phone cord. Although dual jacks are featured in this video tutorial, single jacks are preferred. The process is fairly simple, what you need to do is open up the jack and cut the USB extender in half. Strip to the multicolored wires and match up the the wires with the opened phone jack's, all except for the white wire which will go to the yellow phone jack wire. Repeat this process for the second phone jack. Then take the phone cord, make sure that it has four wires inside of it, and hook it up to the jacks. Then plug in the contraption to your computer.

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Wow, great idea. Anyone know how long you can go before the signal is lost.

the answer would be probably about 8 to 12 feet, though it depends on what your doing. if you are just powering somthing you might be able to get away with more. bonus is that phone cords are designed to safely conduct 90 volts. just make sure you dont plug a USB devide into a live phone jack or you will fry it

Can you take the phone cord, plug it in and attach aa device to the usb to charge or etc.?

A USB device runs on 6 volts, so you would have to build a voltage converter that could do it. I don't imagine that there is an off-the-shelf device that can do it. If I knew how to actually make one i would post a video.

good one

can i use this to attach a phone for skype?

very nice

WTF? all i c is an extention cord, big deal...

could you use a phone spliter to split the signal for muti-computers like one ext harddrive to muti computers

tried it...dosent work

NICE! But what's the use of it? can we hack the source of modems or etc connected to phone line in the network? ha?

tried this worked with phone cable, but through wall only power worked.

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