How To: Recharge non-rechargeable batteries in seconds

Recharge non-rechargeable batteries in seconds

This how-to video will show you how to zap charge a non-rechargeable battery with only two wires and a car. Sounds cool, and fun, unless of course you zap yourself. Watch this video circuitry tutorial for more information on this simple, money-saving hack.

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Can you do this just one time or can it be done over and over?

Which way round do you put the contacts? + to + or + to -

It's best to do + to neg, but it will work either way...just + to + reverses the flow through the battery and cause the battery (smallest one) to explode.

A word of warning if one of these explodes it will be like holding a blasting cap! do this at your own risk.

Wear protective gear!

as far as i know (which i could be wrong), is retarded because of the chance of explosions

this is very dangerous..

I am an electrical engineer. This is extremely dangerous. Reason: You are passing a very high current thru the dead AAA battery. It gets very hot very fast for a reason: You are using too high a charging current. Charging alkaline cells are a No No. Charging them with a car battery is a much bigger NO NO.
Rechargeable batteries are a couple of dollars a piece. Don't loose your fingers over such stupidity.

how long will they hold a charge for. can u do this over and over

no you cant do this over and over again!!! in non-charchable batteries the cobber (or is it zinc?) inside is being destroyed by the acid... this will maybe give a quick boost, but not last long!!! the batteries can also explode, so dont, dont do this!!!

dont do this had a friend who died in a freak accident trying it

dont be so bloody cheap, for a few quid buy some new ones!!! u cant pop to the shops for new fingers, really how stupid would u have to be to try this???

someone to put this video off, these are bad informations for non experienced people!

good hint for emergency situation though...

That is a very dangerous operation....Don`t try ...

WOW, can we say, brainless? why dont you make a video on how to stick your wang in a nuclear reactor next?

This is EXTREMELY dangerous and may cause you to lose your hand!!!
Alkalines can be recharged, but at around 1.8v 25mah, NOT 12V 500+A

doing anything around a car battery is dangerous, terminating the connections on the battery will cause all 500+ amps to discharge instantaneously causing the battery full of sulfuric acid to explode, in which sulfuric acid DISSOLVES ALL ORGANIC MATERIAL

by the way there is a one way to recharge it ...(safe way)

1.get an non-rechargeable battary
2.put it on the top of your refrigerator (not the freezer)
3.wait 2 or 1 days (put it in the top put not in a very cold place ,this will make it fail to recharge)
4.get it out
(if it won't work this means the place you put in is a little hot or very cold it must be cold but not much .)
i know that by:TRYING!!!!

it is simple and not dangerous (this is a really safe way)

hope i help !!!(this is the only way )

read what i typed carefully plz

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