How To: Pull a noisy car ignition SpongeBob toy prank

Pull a noisy car ignition SpongeBob toy prank

If you just happen to have one of those SpongeBob SquarePants chatterbox toys that were distributed at fast food restaurants a while back, then you just might be able to pull of this "Evil SpongeBob Toy Prank" from mastermind Kipkay.

With this SpongeBob SquarePants prank, you could drive someone crazy! Actually, the crazy part is that they designed this cheap toy with "non-replaceable batteries"! Who does that?!? But you can easily replace those "non-replaceable" batteries if you just happen to have the right tools.

But what's the prank? Well, let's just say it involved the ignition in your car. And a really annoying noise every time you try to start up your car. It will drive your victim absolutely NUTS!

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I hear enough noise from my car.

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