How To: Pull five fantastic, funny, and facile pranks

Pull five fantastic, funny, and facile pranks

What's better than one prank? Five pranks! This video from the notorious Kipkay provides five fantastic, funny, and facile pranks to pull off on your friends and family… maybe even your enemies.

In this whacked prank pack, the first gag is full of "paper clip fun", which consists of xeroxing paperclips onto paper and stashing them in the copying machine to confuse copy makers into thinking there is a paper clip on the glass or attached to the paper somehow.

The "shocking, thank you" prank shows you how to take a party popper popper and install it into a greeting card, which will create an unsuspecting bang of a thank you.

"Watch your pee" is about creating a fake sign and installing it in a bathroom to let restroom-goers know they are being videotaped for security purposes. This could be really funny or really mean, depending on your personality.

Number four is called "sleep no more", and involves hiding a cell phone with an extremely annoying ringer somewhere in your house, to go off at anytime you feel like. It may take a couple days before someone finds the source of this annoying noise-maker.

Lastly, there's "noisy drive", which entails installing a zip-tie along the crankshaft of someone's vehicle, which will create a annoying rattle that speeds up when they speed up and slows down when they slow down. This is only for rich friends who can afford a mechanic though, or someone handy with their car. No need to put anyone in debt!

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