How To: Place Your Electrical Socket Safely in the Wall If It Was Pulled Out

Place Your Electrical Socket Safely in the Wall If It Was Pulled Out

Hello! This post is about the electrical socket. Imagine that somebody pulled the cable out of the possible protection outlet too fast? The result can be seen on the following photo. What to do next?

Step 1: Preparation

First, make sure that your work will be done in a safe mode, so turn off your fuse, disconnect the electric current. For safety reasons.

You will need a screw-driver, in the best scenario the electricity-measure screw-driver.

Step 2: The Main Part

Remove the protection outlet if you are using it.
Remove the (usually plastic) outer casing. You will need a screw-driver for it.

Pull the interior of the fuse a bit more out (towards you), the part where all the electrical wires are. Make sure that all the wires are connected.

Than carefully push the wires back in the wall. And make sure that the two parts made of metal are ajusted well around them, usually on the left ant the right side of the interior. They are literally holding the wires together in one place.

Place the outer casing back on. And also the posssible protection outlet. And plug the cable back into the electrical socket.

Be careful and good luck!

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