How To: Mod an ordinary webcam into a super spy scope

Mod an ordinary webcam into a super spy scope

Now that most computers have internal webcams in them, what are you going to do with that external webcam eating up precious desktop space? Kipkay shows you the perfect hack— the "Super SpyScope".

The first thing you'll need to do is disassemble the webcam. Remove the main board and camera lens from the casing, then remove the decorative ring from the lens. Next, use a rifle scope to add some telephoto capabilities. You're going to mount the webcam device to the rifle scope using a PVC connector using hot glue and a hose clamp.

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I have problem in using web camera as a CCTV camera due to it's low viewing angle. So i used a wide angle lens i bought from ebay to increase the angle. But now it shows images in grayscale only. How can i get color images as well as a high viewing angle?

Please help. Thank you.

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