How To: Measure the Drive Current.

Measure the Drive Current.

There is thousands of motor driver, do you find an easy way to measure the drive current? That is what this motor shield do. The drive chip is L298N. The following steps is how to control two DC motors and how to measure the drive current. With it, you will make your control system more smart.

Step 1: Prepare Tools and Parts

Motor Shield

Crowduino with micro USB. (it is 100% compatible with Arduino Duemilanuve, it added an XBee Socket)

Two DC motor

Battery Holder With Switch - 4 x AA or DC 9v power supply.

Screwdriver Set

and Computer.

Step 2: Connect DC Motor to Motor Shield.

Step 3: Connect Power Supply to Motor Shield

There are two ways to power the system. One is powered by 4XAA battery, the other way is powered by DC 9v power supply

Step 4: Connect Crowduino to Computer & Upload Demo Code

download Motor shield demo code. open it with Arduino IDE, then upload the code to Crowduino.

Step 5: Plus Motor to Crowduino

Disconnect the USB with Crowduino, then plus motor Shield on Crowduino. Connect with DC 9v power supply or push the switch of the battery holder on.

connect to computer via micro USB.

Step 6: Watch Current via Serial Port

Open the Serial port, then you can watch the drive current of each DC motor.

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