How To: Make the world's loudest alarm clock

Make the world's loudest alarm clock

In this video, we learn how to make the world's loudest alarm clock. If your alarm clock does not wake you up, this is for you! First, you will need to take apart your alarm clock and find the wires that are connected to the tiny speaker that is inside of it. After this, grab two very large horns that have enough decibels to wake you up. Now, find an old 12 volt ac adapter and solder two wires from the adapter to the spot where the alarm sends signals to the alarm clock. Now, test out your alarm to see if it is loud enough to wake you up!

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can we use digital alarm clock which is battery powered?
(i,m thinking of alternatives from this because instruction are not that clear) but this is a great project

@kipkay could you make instructions from this video of yours? Please!! tnx

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