How To: Make a USB motion detector

Make a USB motion detector

See how to make a USB motion detector with KipKay and MAKE Magazine! Find out how to turn your PC into an ambush multimedia presenter! Kipkay loves his gadgets! This is combination of a motion detector, a USB interface cable, and a laptop computer.

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can the motion detector turn on a sleeping laptop?

looking for a motion detector that can turn on a laptop? any help?

you would probably have to have a simple program to do that. if you know someone how programs i dont imagine it would be hard they'd just use the sensor activation as a "keystroke" turning it on, the down fall is when you activate it again you'll more than like shut your computer off again so it might not be a good idea.

Looking for a motion detector that each time a machine comes together it tracks it and send data to excel file as tracking sheet.

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